Weight Loss – Food combination for weight loss

Food combination for weight loss is becoming a more popular method for shedding those unwanted pounds. In fact, there are a lot of programs and books on food combination for weight loss claiming that you can effectively lose weight if you avoid combining carbohydrates with protein or carbohydrates and fat in your food. The reason is because those combinations can cause weight gain since they utilize different kinds of enzymes for digestion. Because of those reasons, they provided us with lists of foods you cannot eat with another particular food.

How our digestive system works

One of the main points being stressed in food combination for weight loss is the importance of our digestive system and how it is able to digest our food. It suggests that the brain is responsible for dictating our digestive system on how it should digest the food that we eat. For instance, every time you put food in your mouth, your taste buds start analyzing what it is and they send signals to your brain on what it is. Then, the brain decides how your stomach can effectively digest it.

What happens next?

We love to eat a variety of foods every meal, so it tends to confuse the brain on how to direct our stomachs on how they should digest them. It results to some of the foods ending up not properly digested, which can lead to problems like acidity. However, food combination for weight loss still allows us to eat a combination of our favorite foods without having to result to various digestive problems.

Combining starches and protein

A typical meal may combine high-protein foods, starches, and sweets all in one sitting. The theory behind this is that we need all the nutrients those foods can provide us, so we eat them together. However, this way of thinking overlooks the way our body functions to digest those foods. High protein foods need more acids for proper digestion. On the other hand, starches need alkaline. If both are combined, the enzymes for digesting starch are destroyed by the acids for digesting meats.

A little chemistry

Food combination for weight loss lets us eat foods that are compatible to one another and avoid foods that can cause problems in our stomachs. Its main principle is being guided by a little chemistry since different foods are digested by our stomachs differently. Here are some ideas:

• Proteins need hydrochloric acid for digestion.

• Starches need an alkaline acid for digestion, which is being provided initially by the enzyme ptyalin in our mouths.

Some rules for food combining

Food combination for weight loss can help you avoid digestive orders while promoting a healthier and fitter body. Here are some of the principles on how you can easily combine your favorite foods without having to experience digestive problems and more weight gain:

• Eat starches and acids separately because acids neutralize the alkaline needed for digesting the starches. If that happens, it results to indigestion and fermentation.

• Eat proteins and acidic foods separately because the latter prevents the kind of digestion required for protein. Undigested proteins rot and can lead to poisoning because of bacteria.

• Another method for food combination for weight loss is to eat carbohydrates and proteins separately since the digestive method needed for one and inhibit the digestion of the other.

• Food combination for weight loss suggests that you only eat one kind of protein for one meal, but separate them from sweets or sugars. Furthermore, never eat them with fats.

• Do not eat melons with any other food since they cannot combine properly with them.

• Deserts contribute to slowing down the digestion, making them ferment in your stomach. This can lead to bacteria turning them to harmful acids.

Correct food combination

Remember that the right combinations are important in promoting proper digestion of food and the right assimilation and utilization of all the nutrients within your body so you can have more energy and become healthier. Different kinds of food require different digestive methods to be able to properly digest them so you need to be guided on how you can avoid neutralizing them.

Planning meals

Proper food combinations can help prevent weight gain and promote weight loss so you should be able to incorporate the right food combinations when you are planning your meals. The goal is to be able to have healthier bodies and lifestyles by learning about the limits of our bodies when it comes to digestion.