Weight loss and your life style

Many of the people who lose weight gain it back as the years pass. As much as 85% of those who lose weight said they have regained it back a few years later. If you recall the story of the tree that was mentioned in the beginning of this book you will simply understand why this happens.

People go on a diet thinking it’s the only thing that should be done in order to lose weight. Some people even resist the urge to eat until they faint just because they want to lose some extra pounds but a few months later they face great disappointment. Those people have only looked at one factor and ignored the others and so the result was regaining back their lost weight.

Your current weight is a combination of many factors and only one of them is food intake. The other factors are your mood, your sleeping habits, your life style and your metabolic rate. That’s why dealing only with one factor will yield short term results, but on the long run, the other factors will make sure that your lost weight is regained.

In short, if you want to permanently lose weight you can can’t just eat healthy food and exercise for a few months then quit this program and return back to your old life style whenever you feel satisfied with your body image. The only solution to a permanent change in your weight is a permanent change in your life style.

I am not asking you to stop eating the food that you like but I am asking you to make permanent changes to your behavior, eating habits and exercising habits. If you didn’t do so, you may still succeed in losing weight but you will soon regain back.

Some people make the mistake of following a very strict diet that doesn’t allow them from eating what they like. The problem with this type of diet is that it can never be followed permanently because even if they managed to live without enjoying various kinds of food they would live their life suffering. A diet should be something that helps you reach your goals while being satisfied and happy and not be a source of pain and unwanted emotions.

Before you choose the new life style changes that you intend to make you must be sure that you can adhere to these new changes throughout your life and not just for a few weeks. Eating a piece of toast in the morning and one apple at night may be a good effective diet, but it will lack the most important feature that is required for weight loss which is continuity.