Weight Gain During Menopause

Menopause brings with it many changes to a woman; it is the end of the possibility of bearing children, but the beginning of a whole new part of your life. If you have taken good care of yourself in the years prior to menopause this will pay dividends for you now as your body will maintain stronger bones and muscles to keep your health up during these middle years of your life.

During menopause you are very likely to gain weight, regardless of whether or not you have carefully managed your weight before. This is a natural part of this step of your life as your body decreases its need for calorie intake. Quite a few women are distressed by this, though, and are looking for a way to combat this menopausal weight gain

Though losing weight is never easy, it is more challenging when you are facing menopause as well. Don’t assume that this means you can’t do it though. By focusing on healthy eating, and not on starving, you provide yourself with the nutrients that your body needs. As long as you are eating a proper diet, and not just counting calories, then your body should take care of itself and the weight should correct itself naturally.

One of the best ways to prevent menopause weight gain is to maintain your muscle mass. Women can lose about one-third of a pound of muscle every year after their thirties. When you maintain or increase your muscle mass, your body is better able to metabolize the food you put into it, which can help to keep you at a healthy weight.

Whether you are menopausal or not, there is a proven relationship between weight gain and the presence of stress. The relationship of stress to unwanted weight gain may in fact be even more significant after menopause. The good news is that regular exercise, in addition to benefiting good health in general, addresses both issues. Exercise is known to help reduce stress, and because it increases metabolism, calories are burned which helps control weight.

Menopause weight gain is a worry that many women face. But you should be realistic when it is only five or ten pounds. As long as you fall within a healthy weight range, a few extra pounds may actually be helpful. Some extra weight can actually mitigate some hormonal effects associated with menopause. Of course, this doesn’t give you free range to go overboard. Just realize that it is okay to not get overly stressed over a slight gain in weight.