Weeds in Your Garden? Instructions for a Thriving and Powerful Mind Garden

Are the thousands of thoughts that go through your mind every day weighted in the affirmative or the negative?

It is tragic that for most people the majority of their thoughts are negative or disempowering – fear, doubt and blame thoughts. They believe their negative thoughts more than their affirmative, empowering ones and give them more attention, energy and power.

Where your thoughts go, there goes your life. Your dominant thoughts determine what shows up in your life. They determine the way you see things, the decisions you make, the actions that you take or don’t take and what comes to or is repelled by you.

Your dominant thoughts determine the course and the quality of your life. And they will determine the course and success of your business and creative endeavors.

Awareness is Key

Attention to negative thoughts is like watering the weeds in your garden and giving little attention to the garden itself. The weeds grow and the garden dries up.

Water the garden instead and the garden grows.

Ideally you pull the “thought weeds” and replace them with “thought plants.” Then water the plants and the garden flourishes.

Awareness of what is growing in your Mind Garden is key.

Awareness alerts us to what is going on unconsciously that is “really” driving our emotions and behaviors. Awareness then provides the opportunity to pull the weeds, plant positive thoughts and then water them.

Instructions for a Thriving and Powerful Mind Garden.

* First notice the “thought weed” and recognize it for what it is – a weed that doesn’t belong in your garden.

* Immediately take a conscious breath so that you don’t react to the negative thought and to create a space to plant a new thought.

* Then immediately turn your attention to an inspiring and empowering thought.

* Plant the new thought in the space.

* Water it generously and consistently with your attention.

* And last, take an action consistent with the new thought.

* One really last thing, make this process a lifelong habit that becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth.

Change your mind and change your life. You can change your mind using the above instructions to change any and every area of your life. Then enjoy the process of seeing the wonderful evidence of the changes in you, and the changes in your life.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and step into the bigger place that is calling you?

If yes, pull the negative, disempowering thoughts the moment you notice them. Reach for, plant and water the affirmative, empowering ones abundantly. And take actions consistent with the new thoughts.

Then savor the next level in your business, and thrive in the bigger place that is waiting for you.

Step Into Your Greatness! Pull the weeds and plant what you really want to grow!