Wedding Trend: Candy Table

Here are some fun ideas for setting up your own wedding reception candy table.

One of the most popular new wedding trends is the candy table. A candy table is an interesting way to add more fun to your wedding reception. It’s easy to add a candy table to your reception. You’ll simply need to get another table added to your reception and furnish it with candy. There are many ways to go about setting up a candy table. Candy tables can be rather inexpensive yet offer a big impact by providing a wow factor. People attending the reception love the candy table and really enjoy spending time getting sweets from it. Here are some fun ideas for setting up your own wedding reception candy table.

Ye Olde Fashioned Candy Table
Get large glass candy jars like the ones they used years ago. Choose up to ten different types of “penny candies” and fill each jar up with one type of candy. Place small white bags at the table and supply little scoops in each jar so people can each fill up their little bag of candy with their favourites. Be sure to put someone in charge of refilling the jars as the evening goes on so the candy table stays full throughout the reception.

Coloured Candies
Use colourful candies in the same hue as your wedding colours and fill up different sized and shaped clear jars on the table. Stack them in fun ways to create a cute look. It’s helpful to try different configurations ahead of time so setting up the candy table will be fast and easy. Get someone to volunteer to set up the candy table or find out if the reception hall has someone that can do it for you.

Chocolate Fondue
One fun option is to include a chocolate fondue as the centrepiece of the candy table. Add bowls of foods for dipping and be sure to include plates, sticks, and napkins for guests to use. Some good ideas for things you can dip into chocolate include strawberries, pretzels, chips, crackers, and cubes of cake.

Throwback Candy Table
Set up a candy table that includes candy from the era you remember the most. For example, if you love the 80’s consider using candy that came from that time – Pop Rocks and Razzles for example. You can specially order candy in bulk so you will get a discount and will be sure of getting the candy you want.

Special Candies
Think about ordering special candies for your wedding. M&M’S can be ordered in any colour and with anything you want printed on them. Then, create a beautiful display using the candies. Add some bags and ties so guests can create their own small sack of the mixture. Other companies also offer specially printed wrapping for candy bars so you can give the guests something fun to take with them.