Wedding ties on Valentines Day

“On this day you choose to wed
Endless thoughts abound in your head.
The fireworks that you feel inside
You smile that you try to hide.
As anyone can plainly see
The two of you were meant to be.
The love that both of you eminate
Makes your joining more than fate.
As you begin to travel down this road
You story together yet to unfold.
As you put on your wedding bands
And walk down the aisle hand in hand.
Remember this day forever.
This is the day you became husband and wife
The day you joined you hearts together for life”.
A wedding, is a start of togetherness…of walks in the rain, basking in the sunshine, shared meals, caring for one another and sensing the love that a marriage carries. Someone had rightly said that, “Marriages are made in heaven”.
By any chance, if you marry on the Valentines Day, then you must be a true romantic. This very special day of everyone’s life should reflect all the romance with special and extra effects. Even if not marrying on the 14th of February, one can easily incorporate some of these touches for this day.
A retro look on Valentines Day, is always welcome. One can wear styled dress and tuxedo. For some fashion tips, one can even watch a few flicks like, FUNNY FACE; MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING; A WEDDING PLANNER etc.
A second option would be a white dress with red accents. Pull the hair back, and tuck a few red roses to it. Wrap a red stole around the arms, and carry a bouquet of red roses.
Make the bridesmaids wear similar outfit with varying shades of pink, mauve, and silver. Make the groomsmen wear red ties with different red and pink boutonnieres.
Valentines Day is a very popular day to tie in wedding wows, so be very careful while selecting the venue of your marriage. Choose a place, where lot of candles can be lit to really set the mood of the ceremony in the evening. One can alternatively look for a place warm enough in mid-February, to be in a secluded garden, or may be pent-house with lush flowers around. Decorate like to decorate a special dinner, with light music, soft lights, gauzy linen, flowers, candles and plenty of atmosphere.

Include all the traditional ceremonies and rituals. Ask the married couples to stand during the wedding and reaffirm their love for each other.

A string quartet, or an Italian opera can put set the mood right. If you want to have a DJ, then ask him to play a list full of romantic songs.

A wedding can be a dream, and the one not easily forgotten, if one can very carefully plan out the flower decoration and the lighting to go with it.
The beauty and fragrance of flowers, combined with the use of natural lights, candles, and lighting fixtures sets, adds to enhance your wedding theme.
If the marriage venue is in a romantic paradise set-up, then,one can set the scene with soft lightings, pastel shades of pink, lilac, creamy white, tinge of gold should be present in the lights, flowers and ribbons.
Use bright lights with brilliant splashes of gold, orange, cobalt blues, hot pinks, purples and reds in your flowers, and accessories.

A wedding menu, should be not that a heavy one. Include a variety of drinks and desserts. This can easily fan the spark between your invitees. Don’t forget the liquor. Wine is a must. But then, do keep non-alcoholic drinks too. I don’t think you want any of your guests, or relatives to get looped at the venue.
Plan a meal according to the trend. Consult the caterer about whats new. Trends come and go,like the soft morning breeze. If you can get a smell, or hang on it, you are the champ!
No matter what you serve on the platter, just remember, KISS…Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

Pinstripes are hot in fashion now. A mixture of classic and contemporary invitation can that be of an elegant script juxtaposed with a playful pinstripe border.
Set the tone of the invitations by writing something like, “ Come celebrate love and romance on Valentines Day at the wedding of ……………………….”
Keep separate invitation cards for the different aged invitees.

Special touches:
Instead of numbering the tables, name them. Maybe after some famous romantic couples. These can be real: Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn. Fictional: Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Classical: Romeo and Juliet. Or ancient: Antonio and Cleopatra. Other famous couples are Adam and Eve; Robin Hood and Maid Marian; Paris and Helen etc. You can even name after celebrity couples like, Courteney Cox and David Arquette; John Lennon and Yoko; Paul McCartney and Heather Mills etc.

Apart from picking a gown, honeymoon planning might be the most nerve-wracking part of a wedding. It is one of the trips of your life, that is guaranteed to create lifetime memories.
Listen to fellow travelers and get their secrets to picking the right destination, finding the perfect hotel and taking all the stress out of the honeymoon, making it a blissful escape from the frenzy of the wedding day.