Wedding Gift registry Do’s & Don’ts

Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it!

China, flatware and pans, oh my! What fun it is strolling around your favorite housewares department with you fiancé choosing your wedding gifts. Imagining the dinner parties, holidays, and other occasions when you will put these items to use.

If you are like most new couples you don’t know what some of this stuff is even used for. You just know that it looks important and all of a sudden you cannot live without it- maybe you better ask for two!

This is where you might find yourself if you don’t do a little research first. Several beautiful and expensive items still in their boxes, inside bigger boxes, stored in the basement. Never to be seen again until you move, open these boxes and ask each other what it is and who gave it to you?

Many soon to be couples have already established their own households, either together or separately. They are not coming directly from their parents homes and needing all new items. This is where the research comes in. You should do an inventory of the items you do have and then figure out what you then need.

Be realistic when choosing what you need. Remember, if you do not ask for what you really need, you will have to pay for it yourself. Do not let your gift registry cost YOU money because you chose items that were unnecessary.

Gift givers want to buy gifts that are meaningful and that will be used. They even like to see them in use while visiting you.

Questions to ask yourselves when choosing registry items:

* Will we use this? Really?

* How many do we need?

Every day basic items to consider when choosing your registry:

* Everyday dishes- enough for your immediate family and allow for breakage

* Everyday glassware- enough for twice your immediate family and allow for breakage

* Everyday wine glasses

* Special occasion wine glasses

* Good knives

* Durable cookware

* Flatware

* Mixing bowls

* Serving dishes

* Serving spoons and knives

* Dish towels

* Coffee maker

Of course there are many other options on wedding gift registries. Every home has different needs and it is up to you to figure what those needs are.

When it comes to fine china there are many options and ‘add ons’ that you may never use. I suggest that you select the needed amount of place settings and serving items first. You can purchase the remaining items later if you find you need them. Don’t worry, these items will be available for many years. This is especially true if you choose heirloom patterns. Choose a pattern you love and can imagine using much later in life. The majority of couples don’t use their china until many years later.

Today’s modern brides have so many choices in wedding gift registry. If you find that you don’t need any household items you can create a honeymoon registry or new home down payment registry. Allowing your guests to contribute to your fantasy honeymoon or your new home are gifts that will really make a difference and add value in your lives.

Charitable registries are also popular and a great, generous way to start you new lives together.

Be kind to your guests and remember that everyone has a different budget. When registering, I propose that you choose two to three stores with different price ranges and select items of different prices. To just choose high end, pricey items is unkind and not what gift giving is about.

I hope these basic registry ideas help to simplify the selection process. There are many choices, choose wisely.