Website Templates or Professional Web Design?

It may be the latest craze in website styling. Making and acquiring web templates that are simple and can be used be even the most novice webmaster.

Creating a site from scratch takes time and knowledge. Sometimes this time can be better utilized promoting your website or marketing your products. So why not use a pre-designed template that can give you a professional look and have all the style and attractiveness of a custom designed website..

Customizable site templates come in many unique styles and will usually appeal to the all who want to get started working online. The look of templates can be as unique as the web designers and artists who develop them.

The new era of web development had opened the door for most webmasters to customize their own sites. The majority of sites on the internet today were customized by the site owners and not outsourced to large web development companies. Yes, you can do it. You can find free templates online, you can buy very nice templates from a template vendor or you can buy into a subscription program.

In a subscription based web page template program, users can opt to choose a number of website designs and use them for e-commerce (business on the web), personal profiles and for organizational use.

Being supported by fees, available template features are usually upgraded and available for a vast number of projects and businesses. Support forums assist users or customers with any customization issues.

When you buy a professionally designed template you know that you will have an efficient and attractive template that can get you in business within one day.

Developing your web pages is simple when using templates. If you can download a file, you can get started customizing your site. Yes, it’s that simple.

Most website templates are user-friendly, and do not use difficult coding. So it is worth your while to use templates, especially if you are new to site development. Templates can give a site a consistent look and give your company a professional image.

Some website template developers have created numerous HTML template formats and offer the subscriber a wide selection of templates. This will serve to allow you to select a template style that suits your needs and personal preferences for website design.

Choose your site design and create a page and then you must upload your site to the internet. First you must obtain a domain name and hosting service. Do a google search and you can find domain registrars or check out a service like or They each offer name registration and hosting. There are many others as well.

Since web page templates are easily customizable this gives you unlimited flexibility on how your website will look. Some webmasters are continuously rotating the look and feel of their websites with various templates to give their sites a fresh look and to cater to the changing tastes of their audience.

Images can be particularly challenging to work with at times. Adding images on web pages require that the image be uploaded to your host as well as you web page. Most customized templates already include pictures and you must be sure to upload the image to your remote server.

In any case, your template provider or freelance programmer or freelance web designer should provide you with specifications on the capabilities the web page template and how to place photos in the template. The color scheme is an important consideration and not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Whether you buy a template of use a freelance web designer, test your colors and contrast across multiple browsers.

Future articles will cover these thses issues and more in detail, but be cognizant that your time is your most asset.