Website Security and The Success of Your Business

Website Security and The Success of Your Business

The growth of e-commerce offers online business owners with diverse business opportunities everyday. Like never before, the internet makes the idea of global marketing a reality for both large and small company owners. Unfortunately, that growth also attracts people with less than honest intentions in mind when it comes to the sensitive and private information consumers pass along during sales transactions.

Without the proper web site security in place, private information from customers can be taken and used, compromising the credibility of the company. When the security of a web site’s servers isn�t given the utmost significance, billions of dollars in addition to the credit card information and identity of consumers are threatened.

With that in mind, it�s not hard to make the connection that website security is a crucial part of the success of any company on the internet. Consumes who shop online are discerning enough to be cautious of web sites they think aren’t secure or companies that aren’t willing to do what needs to be done in order to protect their sensitive information.

Simply stating that you’ve got proper web site security isn�t enough these days. Proving that your business values and recognizes both consumers and their information takes action.

The danger of identity theft and credit card fraud prevents many consumers from shopping using the internet. According to recent surveys on the subject, more than two-thirds of consumers will not shop on websites that don’t display a web site security seal.

Website trust seals can go a long way with your customers to prove your company is willing to undergo third party verification processes in order to continue your website�s integrity and safety.

Beyond a simple business ownership and domain name inquiry, security for websites that process personal information and transactions involves PCI Scanning. PCI Scanning (PCI stands for Payment Card Industry) means that all IP addresses that are affiliated with your transaction processes and site are scanned, and scanned regularly. In short, a PCI Scan ensures that what comes in and out of your business site is virus free and safe.

When integrated, PCI scanning and prominently displayed trust seals can mean more credibility and an increase in company sales. an effective use of the proper website security testing tells potential customers that you put their information, their privacy, their lives in high regard. It says that their protection and peace of mind makes a difference to your business.

There are many companies that offer trust seals and many offer PCI Scanning. However, there are none that have the kind of across the board web site security and testing thatTrust Guard offers.

In an effort to both recognize and resolve security, business identity and privacy uneasiness with online customers, Trust Guard offers trust marks and services that simply can’t be matched by competitors.

Not only that, but they whole heartedly believe that large and small businesses should be given the opportunity to succeed and grow through their program, and their prices are a reflection of those beliefs.

Web site security and testing are a critical part of your business’s success on the internet. Making it a priority is essential to your credibility in addition to the safety of your customers and you. Taking the proper steps to put website security practices into action can mean the ambition of increased business and increased sales becomes a an actuality. Trust Guard wants to be part of that dream.