Web 2.0 Personal Edition

Web 2.0 Personal Edition: A New Paradigm in Web Design

The internet today has been moving to a more progressive level of maturity, a pristine innovation in web design called the Web 2.0. And the most widely used is the Web 2.0 Personal Edition.

Web 2.0 Personal Edition is not an upgrade in web design. Instead, it represents the present status of trends in the internet, specifically in web design. It is not also software that is being installed in the computer. It’s actually just a term that refers to a certain website or web page that has been created using a trendy web design style, social elements, a particular technology or a combination of any of these three.

Furthermore, Web 2.0 Personal Edition is not only for expert web designer, but also for those who are new in web design. Web 2.0 is an easy and simple way to build a website.

Here are some ways to tell if a website uses Web 2.0 Personal Edition design.

• First, take a look at the background. Web 2.0 background generally uses either very light or very dark colors. Significantly, the idea follows an excellent trend of creating texts and on the web page which is in contrast with the background for a better and simpler reading.

• The background also has stripes or lines. But the usual feature is the slope that can be seen at the top, going downward with fading colors all the way through the page.

• For the logos, web 2.0 Personal Edition has the simplest one. Typically, the logos contain only the name of the website. The text may be placed with some spaces or closely together. Aside from that, alternating colors are also used in different text. There are also two or three bright colors used in logos. The most commonly used colors are blue and orange.

• When it comes to page elements, round corners are visible. Web 2.0 usually use round- cornered section rather than gradients on the upper part. And all are set in brilliant colors. There are only two or three colors used in the logo. The colors are also the ones used in all other page elements. Clean and simple, that is the trademark of Web 2.0.

• When it comes to social aspects, like forums, blogs, guest books and others. Web 2.0 makes it simpler and more interactive. You can now comment of the specific blogs and articles. Another marvelous change is that site visitors can further show how much they appreciate all the pictures. They can now place a rank on each picture.

• The advancement in technology now makes it feasible for any feedback to result in some changes in the site. To some extent, it is now easier to extract and isolate those visitors who are just trying to increase the rank and those spamming. Basically, Web 2.0 offers options for social networking and interaction to go along way, thus making the visitor feel their involvement to the website.

• Web 2.0 also uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). The good thing about AJAX is that you are always updated in the page you want to browse. So you will be directed to the page you want without waiting for the loading process. For instance, in a forum page, you will see the reply field at the bottom of each message posting. Then you make a reply and click the submit button. So, instead of redirecting or loading a new page that has your reply, right away your reply will appear beneath the list.

Undeniably, Web 2.0 Personal Edition has given as only the simplest and the best way to create a terrific website. Give it a try now.

Source: https://positivearticles.com