Web 2.0 Logos

Tips and Tricks in Creating Web 2.0 Logos

For a website to look more reliable and be known should have a logo. And the best way to check for the hottest logos is web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is the latest trend in the web today. It is a new pattern that opened up a horizon for anyone who is into web designing. Generally, web 2.0 has more excellent features that are user friendly. It is not only for experts in web designing but also those who are new in web designing.

One thing that you should consider in creating a website is logo. But if you can’t afford to purchase a real web 2.0 logo, you can opt to create your own.

Web 2.0 logos are simple, gradient, bright colored, glossed, and sometimes have beta sign on it. In addition, these logos are made up of friendly and cheery type of text.

There are basically four types of web 2.0 logos which are widely used by popular brands:

1. The Softies type. This type of logo uses text that are round faced, and soft. Mostly this type uses Arial rounded, Helvetica rounded FF cocon and Bryant. Few of the examples are Zimbra, Clipshack, Kajeet, Wayfaring, Pando, Myspace and Zopa. All these are also known as modern friendly type and cold trademark of web 2.0 logos.

2. The Futuristic type. This type looks more on the technological advancement of web 2.0. This includes hard edges, cozy shapes and pixel faces. They also characterize a great part of the newest internet start ups. Some examples used in websites such as Photobucket, Newsgator, Plazes, Technorati, Reminder Feed, TagWorld and Shoutwire.

3. The Classics type. This type is very typical, because of its simple yet elegant look. It makes use of Helvetica font. Websites that uses this type are Youtube, Podzinger, Buzznet, Shutterfly, Xanga, and Bloglines.

4. New Classics Type. This is the most recent web 2.0 logo type. This includes typefaces that used in websites such as facebook, social text, and Joyent, This type are also used although the graphics and headers.

Those are some of the types of logos that you can use in your own website. If you’re interested in having one of them, you can purchase them online. However, if you can’t afford them you can try making your own logos that’s very similar to that of web 2.0. So, how do you create one?

Here are some tips to help you create a magnificent web 2.0 logo.

1. Think of a ridiculous name and then pull out one or two vowels. So for instance, you chose the word “flip”, you can change it to “flipr”. More catchy isn’t it?
2. Create a unique web address. You can use www.myflipr.com .
3. Select only bright colors. Green, blue and orange are some of the best options.
4. Think of a nice mascot. A dolphin would be a good option.
5. For the font, it is better to use those soft and round typefaces such as the “Arial Rounded”. This type of font looks simple yet elegant.
6. Always insert the term beta.
7. You can also play with your logo, like adding some “gel” effects on it.
8. Add a bit of creativity in your logo. Enhance you logo by adding some reflection.
9. Consider some other things for your webpage to do.

Those are just some easy tips to have your own web 2.0 logo. Try making one now!

Source: https://positivearticles.com