Web 2.0 Logo

Make an Impact: Choosing Web 2.0 logo

People today know all about the importance of making your business memorable to people. There are a lot of ways to do this, but the best way will always be to make use of a symbol. When you make use of a symbol or a logo, people will be able to associate your business with that logo. Because of this, they will be able to immediately recall your business when they see that logo. So how should you design a web 2.0 logo?

1) Be creative – a lot of timeless logos have been discarded by major companies for a web 2.0 logo that just looks bad. When you take a look at the web 2.0 logos of some companies, you might notice that the only real difference they have with other logos are either swooshes, shiny effects, reflections, shadows, changes in perspective, and other effects that you can add within a second using a decent picture editor.

The product of all these efforts are not just bad on an amateur level, it’s bad on a professional level. People adding the term “beta” or “2.0” to the end of their logo do this because they want to give an impression that the company is changing with the times. However, bad creations just give the impression that they are evolving with the times badly.

Please, don’t use the shiny table anymore as it is just getting too old. Dig deep inside you and find out what else you can do to add a bit of freshness to your logo. Evolve with the times, don’t

2) Retain what works – if you own a n old company and are designing a web 2.0 logo to give it a new face, you should think pretty hard before doing it. You need to remember that people sometimes do not take change very well. You should think about the characteristics of your logo that allow people to keep it in their minds. Try not to change those little mnemonic devices that allow people to remember your website. Too drastic a change may drive your regular visitors away. They might take one look at your new web 2.0 logo, utter “this isn’t the site I visit!” and close the window, forever. You should try to retain what works.

3) Stop the puns – most of the web 2.0 logos you can see today make use of ridiculous puns in their logos. They make use of periods to separate their names into syllables that may have meaning when used in computer terms ( like “BO.mb”). That may work for some companies, but since the idea has already been taken, people just get sick of it. Your web 2.0 logo should be witty in a whole new way. Think of an idea that you won’t need to borrow from other people. Stop making fun of your company name if you don’t want other people to make fun of you.

4) Be bold – One of the few correct things that companies did in designing their web 2.0 logo was make use of larger letters. By making use of bold lettering, you will be able to make a bigger impact on those people who see your web 2.0 logo. They will be able to read the logo better and thus, remember your company easier.

Source: https://positivearticles.com