Web 2.0 Expo

What to Expect in the Web 2.0 Expo

The web 2.0 expo, launched by O’Reilly media and CMP technology, is a gathering of the people who are building the next generation world wide web. It is a combination of trade fair and conference that will help people learn the various techniques in building next generation web services. Scheduled for April 15 – 18, 2007, the Web 2.0 expo hopes to meet the demand of many people for information that will help them change the face of the web as we know it.

Here are some things that you can expect in the web 2.0 expo:

1) Education – the web 2.0 expo, as said before, attempts to answer the demand for information regarding the next generation of web services. The web 2.0 expo will help people who are most affected by the evolution of the internet. It will educate people on the various ways to adapt their personal businesses to the revolution that is web 2.0. In a sense, the web 2.0 expo will also be speeding up the process of reaching the next generation web. By spreading knowledge to people, advocates of web 2.0 hope to hasten the evolution.

In this part of the web 2.0 expo, people will be able to learn about the fundamentals of web 2.0. What exactly separates web 2.0 from the old web? They will learn about the various services and platforms offered by web 2.0 and see if their businesses fit in the categories. They will also learn how to “sell” their web 2.0 sites to the people. This means they will learn how make money from this evolution of the internet. They will learn all about the behavior and experiences of the user and how to use this behavior to profit from the internet. They will learn about the various strategies that they can use to get ahead in the game. Those are precious pieces of knowledge indeed.

2) Trade show – of course, what is an expo without a trade show? The web 2.0 expo will feature various companies who will be presenting new tools and technology suited for harnessing the power of web 2.0. This means that people attending the web 2.0 expo will be witnessing history in the making as whole new technologies which take advantage of web 2.0 are unveiled. The trade show will allow them to take advantage of these technologies while they are still fresh. This means that people who attend the web 2.0 expo will be able to get ahead of the competition, at least in terms of technology.

3) Networking –the web 2.0 expo provides people with ample opportunity to network. Entrepreneurs can establish connections which could help their businesses later on. The web 2.0 expo will provide people with ample opportunity to mingle, exchange information, and basically just open new doors of opportunity. This fosters camaraderie and encourages face-to-face business development among those present in the event.

4) Launch pad – budding companies have the opportunity to get noticed quickly through this part of the web 2.0 expo. The launch pad gives starting companies a boost and helps them gain ground in their businesses. By debuting on the web 2.0 expo, these companies have a greater chance of being noticed by the giants around them. This means that doors of opportunity can be opened up to them.

Source: https://positivearticles.com