Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying: How To Detect Lies Accurately

Recognizing the ways to tell if someone is lying is important, once you have come to terms with humans’ propensity for deception.

You might be wondering, why do people lie? As much as there are different types of people in the world, there can also be as many motivations to produce lies.

It can be the need to manipulate or control others, or to alter an existing reality that they are unwilling to accept.

Below are some of the common reasons why people develop the tendency to lie:

1) Avoiding punishment. When a person fears the possibility of rejection or being punished for something, they lie in order to avoid that from happening.

2) Gaining approval. It is human nature to try and find approval from others. When people do not innately possess the kind of self image that they believe will make them appealing to others, they create it themselves – through lying.

3) Protect privacy. Most people want to control the amount of information that others know about them. Hence, they tend to lie in order to attain the level of independence.

4) Avoiding conflict. If there is a possibility that truth could bring about more chaos and destruction, especially for a relationship, then most people lie in order to avoid opening up more related issues.

Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying By Reading Body Language

The most effective ways to tell if someone is lying is not entirely through what is said. Instead, body gestures and non-verbal actions can often expose someone.

The following techniques have been recognized by experts to the point that they are used in investigation to detect whether someone is telling the truth upon interrogation.

For ordinary conversations, it could be helpful in identifying whether the person you are speaking to is being truthful or not.

1) Observe how a person smiles when you are talking to them. Forced smiles can be detected with only the motion of the muscles surrounding the mouth. Also, you can tell if they are trying to cover up as they appear to be over relaxed.

2) Take note of the motion of the hands, legs, and arms. You might find these movements to be more self-directed as opposed to moving freely on their own.

3) Notice their eyes. Are they capable of making eye contact? Where are their eyes fixed on when talking? If they seem to be disassociated towards you, then there’s a huge chance they’re lying.

Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying With Verbal Signs

When it comes to verbal communication, there are also valid ways to tell if someone is lying. Mostly, it involves their manner of response or how they formulate those responses.

1) When you ask them a question, they respond with another question instead of responding directly to the question given them.

2) When they do respond, it takes them a brief moment of silence to proceed. This indicates that they are trying to quickly formulate an effective response.

3) Most liars often stutter or repeat words they’ve already said. They try so hard to infuse humor and sarcasm into the conversation.

4) When they attempt to change the subject, then it is a strong indicator that a person is lying.

Importance to Find Ways To Tell If Someone is Lying

In modern times, lie detection tools are utilized in forensic investigation or other criminal methods. Indeed, it has enabled more concrete methods to detect whether there is some truth behind a statement a person provides.

But when it comes to personal relationships, learning how to detect lies provide means to achieve a more effective communication pattern.

Learning how to understand non-verbal cues are essential since they can tell more than what the person is willing to share. Therefore, people in relationships must learn how to assess such non-verbal signs to reinforce their verbal communication and help avoid cases of lying.

Once you have mastered the ways to tell if someone is lying, then you should be able to estimate whether to believe what they’re saying or not.