Ways to Straighten Hair

There are only a few ways of getting your curly hair to become straight. Each way has their own advantages and disadvantages that will cause you to debate which one is best for you. The first type is through a process that involves placing harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair. The other popular type is through the use of a electric straightening iron. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can choose which process is better for you.

Chemical hair straighteners such as a relaxer or a process called thermal reconditioning is extremely effective at creating a permanently straightened hairstyle. Permanent does not mean that this process will last forever, but it does mean it lasts through regular washing. During the actual process, chemical hair straighteners can put out toxic fumes and may burn your scalp or skin if it comes in contact. Every few months, you will need to have your hair relaxed or thermally reconditioned because the new growth of your hair will begin to really show through at this time.

The cost of this process depends on the salons in your area and may be a higher cost in a trendier more fashion savvy location. A relaxer works best for African American hair types whereas thermal reconditioning is recommended for Caucasian hair types. Thermal reconditioning does not work on tightly curled hair, so this process may not work for you. Have the stylist perform a test strand to make sure your hair reacts appropriately.

The most important disadvantage with chemical hair straighteners is the damage it does to your hair. Whenever you use these chemicals on your hair, it actually pulls apart the protein bonds found in your hair. This makes your hair vulnerable to the sun, pollution, and heat. Immediately after having a chemical straightener performed, always follow up with conditioners and other products that will help to keep your hair healthy and full of luster and shine.

An electric hair straightener allows you to change your hairstyle temporarily. This could be an advantage for some that like to switch up their hairstyles every week or it could be a disadvantage for those that want to permanently change their hair. Hair straighteners cost from $25-$400 and differ in the technology they use to create your straightened hairdo. After the initial investment, an electric hair straightener will not cost you anything else other than the electricity to run it. Ceramic hair straighteners are considered one of the best for its moderate price range. It will keep your hair smooth and will not damage your hair as badly as some of the cheaper ones. Buying a cheap hair straightener will cause your hair to become damaged and brittle overtime because of the heat. This could be devastating for some that try to keep their hair the healthiest possible.

Deciding on which type of hair straightener is best for you depends whether or not you are looking for a permanent or temporary style. Choose the chemical straightener after researching all the concerns on hair damage or pick the quick and easy electric hair straightener that allows you to change your hairstyle any day of the week. Whichever you pick, you are sure to be please with your brand new hairstyle.

Source: https://positivearticles.com