Ways to Reduce Stress

There are many ways to reduce stress

Stress is as old as mankind itself, because ever since the first Homo sapiens started working and thinking about how to better their lots, stress came in as a by product.

The pressure and worries about various issues sometimes brings about guilt and disappointment if these aspirations are not met and this ultimately will lead to stress.

Now, depending on how you look at it, stress can either be your friend or your foe, but regardless of how it turns out to be for you, it’s good to know that this condition is not true one you can eliminate totally. It can only be reduced.

Talking about stress reduction brings us to the methods used to combat it. The must tried and trusted way to reduce stress is by breathing deeply. Proper breathing is essentially for good mental and physical health. The next time you feel a surge of stress, try a few moments of deep breathing. You need to sit in a comfort position and take deep measured breaths.

Inhaling and exhaling continuously for some few seconds, about 20-30 times will make you feel refreshed. Deep breathing assists in relaxation by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body.

Whenever you think anxious thoughts, you become tensed, and ultimately get stressed up. However, you can overcome these negative feelings by using the power of your imagination to refocus your mind on positive, healing and comforting images. It is quite simple to achieve this. Just get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and visualize a scene or place that you associate with safety and relaxation. What you visualize doesn’t matter, so long as it is calming to you. As you relax your mind, your body also relaxes.

There is no better way to reduce stress than by being assertive. A great deal of stress is caused when you express personal thoughts and feelings. Being assertive is not aggressiveness; it is about standing up for yourself and expressing your true feelings and not letting others take advantage of you.

When you are specific and clear about what you want, think and feel, and when you deliver your messages in a clear and non-blaming manner, you are behaving assertively.

Being assertive also means being able to express yourself openly, honesty and directly, while being considerate of other’s feelings.

And what do you get from this behavior? Plenty. It increases yourself –satisfaction, respect from others, self-esteem and confidence.

Do you know that your mind can function like a television remote controller? And that you can utilize this property of the mind to reduce your stress?

However, you have to master the art of thought stopping. This involves concentrating on the unwanted thoughts and after a short time, suddenly stopping and emptying your mind, by using the mental command “stop”.

Thought stopping helps you overcome excessive worry, repetitive and negative thoughts, and factors that all fuel stress building. If your thought can be controlled, stress levels can be significantly reduced.

The next time you are stressed up, try a massage. The main effects of massaging are the progressive relaxation of the muscles, reduction of pulse rate and blood pressure as well as decreasing perspiration and respiration rates. This is an anti-anxiety pill. Message relieves muscles of tension, thus reducing stress.

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