Ways To Motivate Employees

When you are determining the best ways to motivate people, you need to take into consideration the roles they’re playing in life. Their roles give you insight as to what their wants and needs are and you act on that accordingly. As an employer, here are the best ways you can motivate your employees.

Money MattersBut It’s Not Everything

A huge mistake committed by many employers is to believe that money is the best and only effective motivator for employees. Naturally, money matters to your employees. It’s what puts a roof over their heads and food on the table. But as the saying goes – in a roundabout way – money is not what makes the world goes round. Money is a good motivator but only to a certain extent. It cannot be completely effective by itself.

Improve Their Workplace

Think about it. Don’t you feel more motivated when you know you’ve got a nice, cheerful office to work in? Wouldn’t you feel lazy or reluctant to work when you’ve got an ugly and uncomfortable workplace?

Improving the workplace will not only benefit you but your employees as well. Its motivating effects may not be immediately apparent, but rest assured that they’re indeed effective. Improving the workplace doesn’t always need a major renovation. Simple changes could do a world of good for your employees, including but not limited to better ventilation, more delicious food, and more work space.

Share the Love

When the company has something to celebrate, employees should definitely be included in the festivities. Your employees have both directly and indirectly contributed to your success and as such, having them join the celebrations is a way of showing your appreciation.

These festivities are also motivating for your employees because of its social aspect. No man is an island and all of us have an innate desire to socialize and interact with other people. These celebrations give them the opportunity to fulfill those desires and consequently, they’ll be motivated to work harder, even just a little bit, in order to ensure that they’ve celebrations to look forward to.

Acknowledge Their Hard Work

Be appreciative in other words. Acknowledging their hard work won’t cost you a penny but it can reap wonderful rewards for your business. Start by simply saying ‘good job’ when they’ve indeed done that. Show your approval when your employees have worked hard and make sure you publicly acknowledge all their great deeds in the line of work.

Nurture Your Relationship with Your Employees

Yes, maintaining distance between you and your employees is crucial but doing so doesn’t mean you can’t build good relationships with them. Make an effort to know who they are outside their office. Get to know your employees as real persons. When you show them that you care, they, too, will care for you and their care shall be another motivating factor for them in work.

Give Them Challenges to Chew On

A high-paying job may not be enough motivation for some people. Great relations with colleagues and employers may also be inadequate. Some employees want more than that. They also want their work to be challenging and interesting and you need to find out how to achieve that. Job rotation usually works, but finding the most suitable work for every employee is even better.

Do all these and you’re sure to have happy and motivated employees working for you.

Source: https://positivearticles.com