Ways to Meditate

Guided Meditation

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of your
breathing. Try to slow your breathing down and just hear and
feel each breath as you inhale and exhale. Continue to do
this for a few minutes.

Picture yourself in a beautiful place such as a beach, park
or the woods. Feel and visualize the sounds and smells
around you. If the mind wanders or tries to get you
involved in it’s melodrama, just continue to bring it back
to your breathing. It is often like a child having a temper
tantrum and it’s best to not reinforce it.

Let this feeling pervade your whole body and picture a daily
situation you are in while you remain in this calm state.
Realize that you have the power to take this free guided
meditation awareness into circumstances and to carry it into
your activities to transform them. Nothing is intrinsically
negative or positive. Nothing is intrinsically negative or
positive. Some live and thrive in confrontational situations
while others hate them.

Meditation while Walking

For some people, sitting on a cushion just makes them
fidget and walking meditation can be a nice alternative. In
walking meditation , you want to keep you eyes opened. Cover
your hands over your heart and walk at a slow pace in an
area in a large room where you can make a circle without
bumping into furniture. As an alternative, if you can walk
at the beach or a park, that is ideal.

Follow your breath and let it slow down, listen to the
sounds around you and if thoughts about the day come up just
gently bring your mind back to the walk and the breath. In
zen meditation, this is often done in between two 25 minute
sitting meditation sessions. Walking meditation is a good
way to carry meditation into daily life since many times we
can feel peaceful sitting on a chair or cushion but feel we
lose our tranquility once we start to move into life

Source: https://positivearticles.com