Ways To Lower Sodium Intake

15 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Sodium In Your Diet

It is practically common knowledge that eating too much salt can wreak havoc on blood pressure. But how can we eat with flavor and at the same time cut the amount of salt in our foods? Well you do not have to sacrifice flavor when you cut down on sodium if you follow these 15 suggestions:

1. Don’t add salt to pasta or other starchy foods that will be topped with other foods. The toppings usually add enough flavors so that you don’t even notice the missing salt.
2. Balance your salt intake. If your breakfast is high in salt, eat low- salt meals for the rest of the day.
3. Remove the salt shaker from your table and use lemon juice on food instead of salt.
4. Don’t use onion salt or garlic salt as spices because they are just flavored salt. Use real onion or garlic for more flavor without the salt.
5. Avoid store-bought mixes for biscuits, cakes, pancakes, muffins, cornbread, etc. If you prepare your own, you can control the ingredients.
6. Read all labels to determine the sodium content and buy low sodium products whenever possible. Remember to avoid any sodium-containing additives.
7. Learn about the many natural herbs, spices and fruit peels that are available. You may decide to grow your own or experiment with store-bought herbs.
8. Use one of several salt-free mixtures of herbs and spices that are available for seasonings.
9. Don’t use potassium chloride salt substitutes. They can increase potassium levels in your body and may even cause heart rhythm abnormalities.
10. To spice chicken dishes, add fruits such as mandarin oranges or pineapples.
11. Marinate chicken, fish, beef or poultry in orange juice or lemon juice. Add a honey glaze.
12. Marinate meat in wine or add wine to Sauces or soups. If you thoroughly cook the dish, most of the alcohol will evaporate, but the flavor will be enhanced.
13. Use fresh vegetables whenever possible. However, if you must use canned vegetables, wash them in cool water before using. Rinsing will help remove some of the salt added when processing.
14. Just a little green pepper, parsley, paprika or red pepper can add a lot of flavor to a meal.
15. Be sure to keep your meals attractive and include a variety of colors and textures. Most people are more tempted to add salt when the meal appears bland.

Source: https://positivearticles.com