Ways To Limit Christmas Spending

Christmas might seem as if it’s far off at the moment but if you have a family to buy presents for and keep happy then it’s better to be prepared in advance. The last thing you want to be doing is rushing around crowded shops looking for the ideal gift a few days before the 25th, or having to buy expensive gifts because there is nothing else left in the shops.

Once September is here then December is not far behind and you should consider how much of your wage packet needs to be put aside for gifts, food and other festive preparations. The earlier you start to make arrangements and get organized, the less stressed you’ll be when the holidays do arrive, and the more time you’ll have free to spend with your family. Make a list of what you need to buy and a budget of how much you can afford to spend, this should stop you paying out far more than you intended and going over the limit on credit cards. Remember to account for presents, food and drink, a real tree and decorations, and any other extras the family might need.

Ask people about their best Christmas and the odds are their memories will involve time spent with the family, the scent of a real fir tree and the delicious aroma of roast turkey, they probably won’t even recall what gift they received! If you are worried about how much money it’s all going to cost then saving a little bit each month makes sense as by the time Christmas comes around you should have a fair amount put away to make sure the holiday is a good one for everyone.

As well as saving a little bit each month there’s also plenty of other ways to reduce spending without being seen as too much of a miser. Why waste money on purchasing expensive decorations and baubles when you can recycle the previous years or even make your own? Home-made decorations can be just as effective but a lot less expensive and if you get the kids to help it’s great fun for the family, they’ll love all the excitement involved in designing, painting, and cutting their own decorations.

When out shopping or online looking for gifts try not to be taken in by the subtle marketing tricks sellers use to encourage shopper’s to part with more money than they intended. Instead look out for bargains, stick to the items on your list and keep within the budget. Sales often start before Christmas these days and there are lots of special offers, two for one options, and extra’s thrown in such as free gift wrapping, free delivery and buy 1 get 1 free.

A pot grown Christmas tree is affordable and easy to look after, and once the festive holidays are over you can replant them in the garden. Caring for your container grown tree is very simple, once it’s arrived keep it outside until you’re ready to bring it in to be decorated, then position it in a room that’s not too warm away from fireplaces and radiators as this will just cause it to dry out, wilt and die. It’s important to water it regularly if you want it to last over the festive holidays and more.

Once Christmas has gone, place pot christmas trees in the garage or a sheltered area outside so it acclimatizes to the colder weather. After a few weeks it’s then ready to be planted in the garden where it will mature, or re-pot it into a larger pot and place it on the patio.

Planning what to buy before you shop and giving yourself a budget can save you heaps of cash, many thrifty people start shopping in January! There are fantastic sales to take advantage of, xmas products are always reduced and with the whole year to shop you can take your time choosing appropriate and affordable gifts – once Christmas arrives you’ll only have the food left to buy! Get wrapping paper and cards, xmas crackers and candles, colourful baubles, and other decorations at really low prices in plenty of time for the following year.