Ways To Control Anger on the Golf Course – Part 4

So far thirty different self-help tips have been provided which are easy to use when you are on the golf course. Anger really does make you stupid as it clouds your ability to think clearly; and thinking clearly is all important in golf. Golf is a mental game and requires a lot of focus and concentration. That’s why I have listed so many different ways in which you can help yourself from becoming angry on the course, or to control anger and change your emotions whilst playing golf.

Here are a few more tips which come to mind as helpful ways in which you can control your anger. I appreciate that sometimes one tip might appear to be a slight variation on another, but sometimes you will identify more with one way of saying something than another way in which the same thing may be described. This is true also of physical golf lessons with your professional. A good golf pro, like any good teacher, is an expert in finding the right way to describe something to the pupil, so as to relate on that pupils level. This involves being an expert in communication.

So, herewith are a few final tips for you to help to control your anger. Enjoy!

31. Miraculous mantras – slowly repeat a calm word or phrase, such as “relax” or “easy boy”. If that’s what you’re focusing on, then that’s what you’ll do. Miracles will never cease, so long as you give them the opportunity to materialize.

32. Close your eyes and visualize – remember the old phrase…visualize a relaxing experience, either from memory or imagination and feel those waves of relaxation coursing through you.

33. Take up Yoga – try some non-strenuous yoga-type of exercises and feel your muscles relax.

34. Count to 10 – Another old remedy and it does work. Counting to 10 allows you some time to re-engage your logical mind and move away from your instinctive tetchiness.

35. Counting down from 100 – if your emotions are just TOO aroused to relax in the space of counting 1 to 10, take a longer break and count down from 100. You’ll be bored before long instead of angry and ready to move on to the next shot.

36. Get Over It! – Move on, look forwards; it’s a game.

37. Look on the bright side – another of those sayings which have been kicking around for years – and very wise too. Think Balloo the bear in “Jungle Book” and sing the song to yourself – it can’t help but make you smile.

38. If you can’t beat them, join them – Accept it; if you aren’t any good at the game, admit it! Just go out for some fun and learn to laugh at yourself.

39. Always direct you focus chest level or higher when between shots. When you look up your spirits will lift up as well. When you look down you spirits go down.

40. If this lot doesn’t work…sling the clubs away and find something else to do.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis cds and hypnosis mp3 downloads.