Ways To Communicate Effectively: Communication Tips To Make People Like And Trust You

Effective communication skills are an asset to any person, regardless of your age or status. By learning ways to communicate effectively, you will be able to build trust and respect, and make people like you. That kind of skill is highly sought after in most industries.

There are different ways to communicate effectively. Some of them may be verbal or non-verbal. Below are some tips that will help enhance your communication skills.

How To Show Interest

Don’t be such a passive listener if you want other people to warm up to you. However, it’s not like you can tell the person talking that you’re very interested in what they are saying in the middle of the talk. No. There are non-verbal cues you can use to indicate your interest.

One of them would be maintaining eye contact. By keeping your eyes on the person talking, you are telling them that they have your complete attention. Another way to communicate effectively is by nodding your head at some of the points you agree with. I also recommend leaning a bit forward to show that you’re interested in the topic of conversation.

These non-verbal cues are quite handy especially when you’re in a board meeting and your boss is the one speaking. Believe me, when your superiors are the ones talking, you’d better look interested.

How To Deliver A Speech

Those who regularly join speech contests know that there are certain moves that will get them plus points from the judges. Thus, they are good sources for learning ways to communicate effectively.

While you might not be required to address a large audience, you will need good communication skills when presenting reports or when talking to your boss about a potential raise. So how do you harness the skills of an orator?

One of the lessons you must learn is how to use the right words and what mood you should be encouraging. If you’re talking to serious men in your industry, then stay serious and use the appropriate terms your colleagues will understand. It is also important to keep your voice controlled. Don’t be too emotional because people won’t take you seriously.

Avoid stuttering as well, since it will only lessen your credibility. I strongly suggest practicing at home just to get yourself used to talking in front of an audience.

How To Use Hand Gestures

Hand gestures are also very useful ways to communicate effectively. Your gestures help keep their attention focused on you. They help you emphasize a point without having to resort to your visuals.

However, don’t be too animated because then your whole presentation might just become a joke. Your audience might find themselves too focused on your gestures than on what you’re really trying to say.

If you intend to incorporate hand gestures into your speech, go through the whole thing in the privacy of your own home or office. People who are not used to using hand gestures often feel awkward and it’s better to get your body used to the feeling before the actual moment.

These are just some of the ways to communicate effectively. You will find that these skills will come in handy almost everyday of your life. Use them well.