Way to cope with Dentures

A denture is removable replacement for missing teeth and tissue. There are two types of denture, complete and partial.

Complete Dentures
It is conventional or immediate. a conventional denture is ready for placement in month about 8 to 12 weeks after teeth removal. As per the result the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period so both dentures are made in advance and fixed it quckly after teeth removed. Immidiate denture require more adjustment to fit properly during healing period. It is temporary solution.

Partial Denture
A removable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth. It is of metal frame work. Mostly it is used when one or more natural teeth are remained in upper or lower jaw. A perment bridge replaces one or more teeth by placing crown on the teeth. This bridge is then cemented into place. Partial denture prevents other teeth from changing position. It is removable and has internal attachment which attach to adjacent crown. It has more natural look.

When you are seeking information about denture there are some important fact you should know.

Denture does not last forever.
Though your denture fit perfectly, you should check it regularly from your dentist.
Take care that no one will know that you have worn denture.
You can eat more normally and speak more clearly.
Don’t think regular dental care is too much costly.
Never try to make your own denture repairs.
Denture material is hard and durable but no permanent. you have to replace it after certain time of period. It may break after dropped. Because of metaculous care a natural appearence of denture teeth may change with diet, chewing and age. There are many factors which make your denture fit.

A regular visit to a Dentist
It doesn’t mean you have no longer problem of teeth so you need not check your teeth. your dentist should assess your oral condition and this should be done twice in year. Dentist can check for oral cancer screening, other systematic diseases such as diabetes that show up in the mouth. Changes in your jaw or face affect the fit of your denture, it causes irritation and infection.

Denture gives natural look
Some people embarrassed by “tell-tale” sign of wearing denture. Denture wearer shold speak normally and eat normally. Denture is not constructed for giving cosmetically pleasing and natural look but it actually make a person look younger. The red plastic gum increases fullness of your face and support your facial muscle. Because of this aging line and wrinkles are minimized.