Way Of Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, deepening the focus of your attention. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we are in all our waking time. Most people, lay people and professionals alike, tend to think of hypnotism as a mysterious. There are stage hypnotists of this nature, of course, but hypnotism is also useful as a clinical tool, useful to both medicine and psychotherapy practices, and to people seeking to help themselves make life changes. Hypnotism is an altered state of consciousness characterized by a feeling of peaceful relaxation and “letting go”, and increased suggestibility. As experienced from the inside, you are conscious, but detached as though you are observing what is happening to you rather than being in charge of it. Self-hypnosis is a safe and clinically proven technique that is widely used in therapeutic and medical fields throughout the world.

Hypnotizing yourself requires only that you have a private quiet area and a place to sit or lay down. Beta – Upper Level, aware, rational, thinking, analytical state. Alpha – Relaxed, daydream stateĀ… can happen in any environment. Theta – Dream state yet we are not completely asleep and unconscious. Delta – Unconscious sleep. The Alpha state can be achieved in a moment and last for a moment or long periods of time. Most commonly, hypnosis is used in pain management, increasing physical health, motivation for behavior changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation and stress relief. Self-hypnosis allows you to make significant changes to the chemical, physical, psychological and emotional parts of yourself. Self-hypnosis can help with virtually anything, be it mental, emotional or physical. Since thoughts create emotions and actions, simply by changing your thoughts you can change your subsequent feelings and behaviors.

Hypnosis, like anything, is a neutral tool, which can be used for either hurtful. Unfortunately, the destructive slant on it prevents many people from exploring the potential of this natural and effective self-help tool and deprives many people of its amazing benefits. Self-hypnosis is not a mysterious, magical phenomenon but a natural, normal state of mind. It is not a drug or a form of sleep, but an alert wakefulness. Self-hypnosis is about helping you re-program your mind and create new neural pathways in the brain. It is about dissolving old mind-body associations or “habits” and creating new mind-body associations or “new habits”. Self-hypnosis is not about “losing control”, but simply about relaxing your conscious mind and allowing your unconscious or subconscious mind to take center stage. Hypnosis is not a quick-fix “band-aid” solution which wears off after a while.