Waxing Your Snowboard at Home

How to Wax a Snowboard at Home

A snowboard needs waxed regularly in order to keep it performing at its best. Waxing allows the base of the board to glide smooth and fast. Knowing whether or not your board needs a wax is quite simple. The most obvious is if the board is not riding as fast as fast as before. The other ways are if faint white lines or white patches are present on the base. This is a sure sign that your board needs waxed.

In order to wax your own board these materials are need:

* Wax
* Iron / Aluminum Foil
* Scraper
* ScotchBrite Pad
* Base cleaner

The wax, scraper, iron and base cleaner can be purchased at your local snowboard shop. Be sure the wax is appropriate for your boarding conditions in your area and do not use wax for candles. This is not suitable for use on your board. Whenever buying a scraper, be sure to get one that is smaller. The larger ones do not work as well. The ScotchBrite pads may be purchased at any grocery or discount store in your area.

Be sure to set up a work space in an area where wax will not ruin or destroy floors or furniture. It is best to place a drop cloth down to protect your working space. The easiest way to set your board up is placing it on several books and magazines.

At this point scrape lengthwise any old wax from the board and wipe it clean with the base cleaner. Some people choose to wrap aluminum foil around the base of the iron, but make sure there are no crinkles. Doing this will prevent wax from getting in the holes and any effects those holes may have on your board. Next, plug in the iron and turn it to about medium heat. The temperature may vary with wax, but it is important to know that the wax should melt quickly and should not smoke. Hold the iron up and down with the tip facing the board. Slowly press the wax onto the iron allowing it to drip on to the board in strips only inches apart from each other. Do this the entire length of the board from tail to tip.

Now move the iron up and down the base of the board spreading the wax in a very thin layer. Move the iron continuously, so it does not damage the base. Once this is complete allow the board to cool 20-30 minutes. At this time remove any excess wax from the board with the scraper creating an even and thin layer of wax all over the board. Use long, lengthwise strokes to achieve best results. Now take the scrubbing pad and do short, small strokes lengthwise from the tail to the tip of the base.

Your board is now ready to use. Make sure to wax your board often or when conditions in your area change.

Source: https://positivearticles.com