Water Softening Service Saves Time and Money

Water Softener servicing is an important part of the maintenance programme for keeping your water softener in good condition and working order.

Water softener servicing regeneration cycle, is the act of decreasing the volume of calcium, magnesium, and other ions in hard water. The elements are often referred to as “hardness ions” and can be devilish to your waters quality. What the water softener servicing cycle removes the cations (positive charged ion) of calcium and magnesium and replaces them with cations of an additional substance. The most common ions used in water softener servicing are the use of sodium chloride salt (aka brine).

Anyone can alleviate the frustrating results of hard water with the use of water softener servicing. The most disruptive attribute of hard water is that ugly white build up of limescale that sits in your tub, sinks and faucets- which can create blockages in your plumbing supplies and corrode the architecture of your water system. With water softener servicing you can free yourself of hard waters corruptive abilities.

On the flip side, hard water does provide some positive aspects to your health in that you can attain the needed dietary elements of calcium and magnesium. Hard water also reduces metals such as lead and copper.

An agent used in the water softener servicing process relies on hundreds of synthetic resin beads. When using the beads, the water is run through a basin of the resin beads which activates the negatively charged resins (hydrogen, sodium or potassium used) that are on the surface of the beads, to consume and carry the positively charged hardness ions out of the water. {In simple words, the coating on the resin eats up the hard ions and replaces them with good elements (hydrogen, sodium or potassium). Once the water softener servicing process is performed, soft water is delivered to the consumer.

Even though the consumer was delivered their soft water, the process is not complete just yet. Within the softener equipment the resins beads undergo a regeneration process- which cleans the resin beads of the magnesium and calcium ions that are attached to their surface. A replacement of the sodium, hydrogen or potassium is then put back on the surface of the resin beads for the next cycle or water softener servicing to be performed.
In the long run, water softener servicing will save you money, time and frustration. For households and businesses that have hard water, the absence of a water softener servicing system can create costly repairs to your plumbing system.

Additionally, hard water users will pay three times the amount of money in soap that a soft water household would use. The reason for the extra soap cost is the action of the hardness ions have on soaps and shampoos. The hardness ions actually deactivate the chemicals in the soap and decrease the products cleaning ability. Most hard water users never get any lather with their shampoos or soaps due to this deactivation process.

Finally, getting rid of your hard water will save additional money in “hard water detergents” you need to remove that ugly limescale build up that can be very stubborn to remove. In addition to the money spent on the detergents, water softening will save you time spent scrubbing and cleaning those stains away.