Water Purification Products – Is Your Home Water-Poor?

What if I told you that your home may be water-poor? Poor in quality, that is. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of households are in need of water purification products. Many of our local water treatment facilities are not equipped to deal with the ever-increasing amount of environmental contamination that gets into our water supplies and threatens our well-being.

Water purification systems for home use are nothing new. Concern for clean, safe drinking water goes back a hundred years when water-borne diseases, like typhoid and diphtheria, were having a devastating effect on the population. At that time, chlorine saved the day and “modern” water purification was born. Over the years our increasingly chemically-driven society has once again faced a new health threat – chemical pollution. So now we’re seeing an unprecedented increase in the demand for water purification products.

So just what makes your home water-poor? Well, if you are on a municipal system, you probably have high levels of chlorine in your water. Chlorine greatly reduces the quality of your water directly because of its chemical nature. It may have a disinfecting effect on dangerous bacteria, but it also has a dangerous effect when it comes into contact with the aging pipes of many homes. Lead and other heavy metals are leached from your plumbing as this chlorinated water passes through it. Chlorine also creates a dangerous gas that is present in the steam from a shower.

Other substances that are responsible for making your home water-poor include herbicides, pesticides, agricultural runoff and household chemicals. Municipal water treatment systems that rely on chlorine cannot remove these toxins. This type of water-poor home needs water purification products to do the job that the local system can’t.

However, you may be shocked to know that some water purification products can also make a home water-poor. Several home water treatment systems, like reverse osmosis and distillation, are unable to remove many of the synthetic chemicals found in our water.* The contaminants that are removed are usually accompanied by important, healthful minerals that provide necessary strength to our teeth and bones, as well as, good taste and smell of the water. The result is poor water that still contains harmful toxins and no beneficial minerals.

So just what type of water purification systems for home use can ensure that your home is not water-poor? Well, during my research I have found that the best water purification products are based on technology that uses multi-stage filtration. Multi-stage filtration is most effective at greatly reducing chlorine, eliminating dangerous synthetic chemicals and leaving important calcium, potassium and magnesium levels untouched. The result is water that is rich with safety, purity, great taste and health.

But you don’t have to believe me. Do your own comparison. I found everything I needed to know about water purification products online. I found, as I’m sure you will too, water purification systems for home use that are effective, affordable and easy to install and maintain. There are companies that also provide terrific customer service. Oh…and if you want further assurance, you can find home water treatment systems that carry certifications for removing certain contaminants.

With quality water purification products readily available, there is no reason your home should be water-poor.

*Carbon filters can be added for an additional cost.