Water Filtration Becomes More Important

The purity of our water is absolutely mandatory for survival making water filtration a necessity instead of the luxury that some folks believe it to be. The importance of water filtration discoveries and processes is vital at this time.

In numerous spots of the globe, water resources are insignificant and cannot stand up to the water demands. Worldwide, there is concern that freshwater sources are at risk, both in terms of replenishment and water quality.

Water filtration is the term used to identify the process of impurity removal from water by way of either a barrier, chemical or biological.

Of course there are varying formats of water filtration and some of those are:

  • Activated Carbon Filters Media-Easy to install, low cost and available for domestic or commercial usage.
    • Carbon Filters – Two Basic Types:
      • Carbon Block: the flow rate using this filter can be slower than the Granulated Activated Carbon water filtration system.
      • Granulated Activated Carbon: This is the most widely used Carbon filter. Its granules come in varying sizes; the use of smaller granules can result in a channeling effect.
  • KDF Filter Media – Kinetic Degradation Fluxion(KDF) KDF media safely reduces and/or removes chlorine, iron and hydrogen sulfide. This water filtration process is used in the pretreatment process, primary treatment application and wastewater processes. This process is100 percent recyclable and does not add any chemicals. Primarily used in hospitals, food establishments, water treatment facilities, and domestic use.
    • Sediment Filters
      • Pleated Cellulose: this filter is used with treated water and provides a maximum flow with little pressure loss.
      • Pleated Polyester: this filter has limited reusability and is chemical and bacteria resistant.
      • Spun Polypropylene: implements the process of capturing and holding the dirt from the water.
  • Ceramic water filters: This is a bacteriologically safe water filtration format that is lightweight and primarily used by back packers and campers. The flow rate can be slow and the filter tends to build up debris from contaminants that require cleaning.
  • Reverse osmosis filters: This process uses water pressure for its performance, and offers excellent quality water. Water filtration using the reverse osmosis creates water that is similar to distilled water. The system purifies and removes unhealthy and healthy minerals. Keep in mind that minerals can be implemented into the water after the water filtration process is complete.
  • Catalytic conversion filters: This process removes all the bad pathogenic particles from the water and modifies them into harmless basic elements. The Catalytic process is similar to the reduction of automobile emissions that was once used. These filters also leave the water with a negative charge and alkalize it as well.
  • Far infra red systems: This format utilizes the natural generation of energy by using natural elements. Some of the elements that emit natural energy would be Tourmaline mineral crystals. These tourmaline crystals will product an electric charge when pressure is applied and/or their temperature changed. This process does not cause water filtration but can be used to soften water, create negative charged water and modify the molecules into smaller hydrated forms.

While most of us don’t even realize there is such a need for the conservation and filtration of water it is imperative that you pass this knowledge on to the younger generations as they will be most affected by the reduction in fresh water supplies.