Water Based Face Packs

Water based face pack firm up the skin. They helps in removing the wrinkles. There are many types of skin such as oily skin, normal skin, dry skin etc, but normal skin is a perfectly balanced skin. This type of skin does not look dry and shiny. It is very necessary to take care of normal skin because it is mostly affected by pimples and acne. Face packs are very useful to make skin soft and smooth. Face packs are also affected to increase circulation as well as tauten and cleanse the complete face. Home made face packs are prepared by using fresh and variety of vegetables and fruits. Use banana, avocado, grape, cantaloupe, nectarine and peach for making face packs for normal skin.

Face packs are not only used for cleanse skin but also maintain the skin tautness. To make Tomato face pack, take two to three tablespoons of tomato juice, fifty grams of oatmeal, one twenty five grams of yogurt hundred ml of distilled water and mix tomato juice with yoghurt. Boil the mixture of oatmeal and water for 20 minutes. Mix both the mixtures together to make a smooth paste and allow it to cool. Lie down and apply it thickly on face and neck and leave it as such for 30 minutes. Keep eyes closed and feel relaxed. Then rinse off with cold water. It is an effective remedy for clearing blackheads and pimples and it will leave the skin soft and will take away the greasy film from the skin. Face packs are also beneficial to remove impurities, dead skin cells and wastes from the skin. One can easily make face packs at home in a few minutes.

These days face packs, peels, scrubbers, soaps, face wash everything is getting made by natural and herbal things. To make Orange face pack, one teaspoon of orange juice, one teaspoon of multani mitti, one tablespoon of honey and two teaspoon of rose water. Soak multani mitti powder in rose water for half an hour. When soaked well, add orange juice and honey and mix them well. A fine paste is obtained. Apply this paste on face, and let it dry. Then wash with lukewarm water. Then give a cold water rinse. Milk powder pack is useful for those who have dry skin. Taek a spoonful of milk powder and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Make a paste and apply on face. Wash away after 20 minutes.