Watching DVD movies in Pocket PC, it's Possible

If you’re the type of person who loves watching movies via the DVD or in movie houses and can’t go on living without your Pocket PC, it’s time to combine both ideals in one specification. In this article, you will learn how to watch a digital versatile disc movie by just using your Pocket PC. Interesting? Get ready to work.

Step # 1
Click the button which states “open” directly. This will be found on the right side. Load the video or the DVD file that you wanted to convert and then begin the process.

Step # 2
Within the “open” menu, click on the “set output file or location”.

Step # 3
Looking for the “options” menu, you can set the starting and stop point of the video file or the DVD movie that you are loading using the range bar for conversion. This can also made possible by clicking the “set start and stop times”.

Step # 4
Wait for the output settings to be completed. The key step is this, because the particular options are very crucial and essential for you will know if you your encoded video will compatibly work if put on an iPod.

Step # 5
To finally finish the “output setting”, click the “more options”. You can also click on the “options” that’ll be found at the top to be able to customize the “output settings” or what is also known as “DVD settings”. With this, you can record you video file or DVD movie later.

Step # 6
It’s time to convert the input video file or DVD movie. First, click on the “record it” button to be able to start the process of converting your file. If you have to stop or pause the recording process because something just came up, just press the “stop or pause” button. To be able to convert video files in batches, go to the “open” field and click on the “batch convert video files” menu.

Step # 7
After all the conversions, add your converted file by choosing the “add file to library” that can be found in the iTunes menu. Then whenever you like to view the file, just select the output file to the PPC’s playlist.

That’s it. You’re done. Now you can enjoy your favorite videos at the palm of your hands. Although, there are some warnings and tips that you have to take note of when watching DVD movies through your Pocket PC, here are some:

1. Are you aware of the fps? It’s also known as the frame rate which means that this is the number of images or frames that is displayed or projected every second a video is played.

2. Aware you aware of bitrate? Bitrate is the number of bits that is taken per second devotedly stored in the final product. When the bitrate becomes high, the audio resolution becomes greater for the final product or outcome. For MPEG-4, a bitrate below 2500 is required while in H.264, a bitrate of below 760 is needed.

Just for the sake of safety, the software PQ DVD recommended using a lower-than-maximum number. If you’re the type whose choosy with his video quality, you’ll have to test some clips first to be able to determine what works and looks better.

3. Choosing the Codec of video, just select MPEG-4 that goes for a larger file size and for fast conversion or H.264 made for half the size and entails slower conversion for the quality that you like.