Watch Satellite TV on Computer – How To Set It Up For LIVE TV

Watching satellite TV on computer is becoming common in the homes of Americans. Other countries like Canada, Australia and UK are also experiencing the same phenomenon. But perhaps what one has to learn is how to set up our computers to receive live satellite TV feeds. The original method to watch satellite TV on computer is to make use of a card called the PCTV card.

Two kinds of PCTV cards are available in the market. Both allow you to watch satellite TV on computer though the installation varies. One requires you to install the card within your CPU housing, meaning it is connected to your motherboard to utilize its circuit board architecture. This is a more complicated way. But fortunately, if you are technologically challenged or just cannot imagine yourself dismantling your computer, then go for the second option – use an external PCTV card. The external card can be connected to the computer via a cable to the USB port. There are even wireless versions in the market nowadays. Prices used to be rocket high when they first entered the market but they have more or less stabilized and dropped over time. Nevertheless, be prepared to come up with at least $200 for a decent card to watch satellite TV on computer.

There are two things which I must remind you when using PCTV cards to watch satellite TV on your computer. The TV channel transmission speeds and quality depends on your internet connection speed and PC hardware configuration.

1. PC Hardware Configuration For Watching Satellite TV on Computer

Before you purchase a PCTV card, check the minimum specifications required. It needs to be compatible with your computer in order to work. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with enough information about your computer setup such as your RAM (minimum of 128MB), CPU chip (Pentium 3 is required in most cases), graphics card, sound card (not as important). If you intend to purchase an external card, then you got to make sure you have an USB port.

2. Internet Connection Speed

Broadband is the norm nowadays. Running the card on dial-up internet connection could be challenging though not impossible. However, you would realize that the transmission of TV signals would be slow and there could be a time lapse between picture and audio, ie poor synchronization. It is best that you have a broadband connection speed of 512 KB to watch satellite TV on computer smoothly.

You may notice that graphics card and sound cards are not exactly emphasized. Well, most basic graphics and sound cards are adequate enough for normal viewing. However, to watch satellite TV on computer especially if you are watching action or movies with a lot of computer-generated images (CGI), it makes sense to use more powerful graphics and sound cards to boost the experience.

Of course, there is now another way to watch satellite TV on computer. In case you have not heard about it, PC satellite TV which is watching satellite TV on computer using PC satellite TV software is pushing new limits in satellite TV entertainment. With a piece of software running, you can instantly receive TV channels from dozens of countries around the world.

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