Warrior Vs. Spiritual Warrior

What a dilemma! We see so much that angers and frighten us. We know that it is not right to abuse anybody or anything. We feel our hearts crying, “It’s supposed to be different!”

Deep inside we know how to lovingly treat our brothers and sisters, ourselves, and beautiful mother earth. We know the universal values of honoring and respecting all. We want so much to make it all better. We want to make a difference, but the question is, “How”?

Naturally, we are tempted to pick up our swords. We have had many lifetimes as a warrior. We know how to use our might. We see and hear so much violence in the media, on our streets, and possible even in our homes. Isn’t that the way? It is familiar.

With our angry “sword” in hand we attack others, verbally and possible even physically. We’ll beat them into remission. We’ll knock some sense into them. We’ll tell them off. After all, we know the truth. They are wrong, so wrong! They are destroying the world. Because of them we have no peace. We think that we are on the good side and they represent evil.

Down deep we are terrified. We know that if the world is not saved, we will also die with the masses. With personal survival at stake, we clench our teeth, tighten our muscles and set on our path to teach “the way.”

With so much fear and anger we drive ourselves–often pushing our bodies beyond their human limitations. We push ourselves, and work long and hard. We tell ourselves we are struggling for a good cause. After all, we are running out of time. The world must wake-up now or perish!

But many of our efforts seem to make little of a difference. We have done so much and yet we still feel so empty and powerless inside. Nothing truly seems to satisfy us–at least for more than a day or two. Nothing seems to meet our expectations. What’s wrong? We study so much. We do so much and try so hard. Why aren’t we feeling fulfilled? What needs to change?

One day we have an awakening. Maybe it was ignited by a dream, an insight, or a word we heard or read. Maybe we had to get seriously sick or hurt to be knocked down off our high horse, get quiet and listen inside. Maybe the key, the answer has been inside all the time. We know the TRUTH.

We hear the awesome whisper inside telling us, “It’s time to trade in our warrior swords for our powerful ‘weapons’ of light and love. Change comes from example, from your ‘beingness’ more than from your ‘doingness’. Be the person you wish others to be. Be loving and accepting of all. Have compassion for people’s pain, and judge them not or you shall be judged.”

“Heal thyself and you shall make a most powerful contribution to the world. Have the courage to face yourself, to explore your own personal pain. Did you feel loved and accepted by your parents? Did you feel good enough, worthy and important? Can you look in the mirror and say from your heart, ‘I love you?’ Are you in peace with your parents, siblings and other significant people in your life, past and present?”

“Can you do nothing and feel peacefully powerful? Can you have faith that a higher source is there to guide, support and protect you and others? Do you know that love and light are your power and protection? Can you meet negativity with love and compassion? Can you walk your talk?”

“These are the issues it would serve you to address. These are the keys to your spiritual warrior credentials. Open yourself to love and light and you shall serve the world as a master.”