Warning Signs of a Controlling Relationship: Read This Before Someone Controls You!

Knowing the warning signs of a controlling relationship is crucial because it helps you avoid being manipulated and controlled by a potential partner. If dealt with correctly, you can re-establish a balanced relationship in which both parties participate fairly in the decision-making process and live harmoniously with each other.

Being controlled by your partner on most, or all, of the decisions can be very frustrating. Knowing the warning signs of a controlling relationship can help save you from any future misery.

1) Insecurity And Jealousy

Usually, the warning signs of a controlling relationship does not start immediately but rather after some time of development. It usually starts with issues such as insecurity and jealousy. As some sort of defense mechanism, one would usually start to be a little clingier to another.

If this “being clingy” behavior gets worse over time, then a controlling relationship might start to ruin the relationship. It’s best to let your partner know about their behavior and how it’s affecting you; they might not even be aware of it until you tell them.

2) Singular Decision-Making

One of the easiest-to-detect warning signs of a controlling relationship is when your partner takes every decision without consulting you. While small decisions can be justified, other important decisions like investments, spending and everything that involves your finances on a large scale should be discussed between both parties.

The consequences of letting an important decision taken cared of by one party in the relationship evidently means more control in the future.

3) A Domineering Attitude

Another one of the warning signs of a controlling relationship is when one of the parties in the relationship tells the other what to do all the time, especially when the controlling person demands answers from what their partner is doing on a consistent basis. This can be caused by the lack of communication and understanding between the couple, as well as a self-serving ego.

In order to prevent a partner from taking this type of action, clear communication must be established at the start of the relationship. Each must disclose what they want from their partner and what they would like to happen in the relationship.

Hopefully, you will remember these warning signs of a controlling relationship and don’t get yourself under the manipulation of a controlling person.