Want to Stop Questioning Yourself and Have Inner Confidence?

I received an inspirational message of the day a few weeks ago and stored it on my computer. I’m sorry to say I didn’t take note of its source but I’m pretty sure it came from the “New Spirituality Network”. I would like to pass on this message with as many people as possible because it is very accurate. The message was titled “Life’s Most Important Statements” and read as follows:-

“Most of life’s most important statements are intuitive. You know that they are true before you know why or how. They come from a deeper understanding that transcends evidence and proof and logic and reason and all those tools with which you try to determine whether something is true or not – and thus, whether it is important. Sometimes you know something is important just from the ring of it. It has the “ring of truth.”

I think everyone will feel the truth in this statement, and yet many of us will also be aware that we do not always trust out inner instincts, or “gut feelings”. We often second guess ourselves due, quite often, to a lack of confidence in ourselves. In such circumstances it is important to revert to that very first thought, that first feeling about whatever it is, because this is the reaction which is instinctive and automatic and not confused by conscious ponderings. The real truth usually lies in that first split second and is felt as a “knowing” without knowing why.

We make many a judgment in the “blink of an eye” without even being aware that this is what we do. And this is why first impressions are the most important. Only eight percent of communication is based on the actually words we speak; the other ninety two percent is felt at a deeper level, based on tonality, body language and so on. If you haven’t read the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, then it is a very worthwhile read and cites many studies which prove how often we make these instantaneous judgments without even being aware that this is what we are doing.

One can appreciate therefore the vital importance of having an inner sense of confidence, so that you convey to others, colleagues, friends and peers, that you are “comfortable in your own skin”, that you convey in that first blink of an eye that you have confidence. This inner confidence can be contrasted with an outer image or coat of confidence; it comes from within.

Most people think that “this is how I am”, or “I’m shy, there’s nothing I can do about it”. But this is not the case. This is WRONG. Everyone can change, so long as they want to and so long as they look in the right place, the right direction. Inner confidence comes from WITHIN and so it follows that one should look to the INNER workings of the mind, the INNER mind, the SUBCONCSIOUS, as the place in which to start.

How does one examine one’s subconscious mind? The very name implies that one is not consciously aware of it. And yet there are times when you do become aware of it. When you dream your subconscious is at work, carrying out its task of conflict resolution. And this happens to all of us, every night, as we sleep. You may not be aware of dreaming, but believe me, you do; because if you were not to dream you would become psychotic. This is the vital importance of the REM state, or dreaming.

How else can one access one’s subconscious? When in hypnosis one’s pattern of brain wave activity is the same as when one is dreaming. Hypnosis is normal and natural (just as dreaming is) and allows access to your subconscious mind. You can purchase hypnosis downloads instantly in your own home and learn to relax and access your subconscious mind. Now you are looking in the right direction, the right place, in which to start building your inner confidence.

As I said before so long as you want to change and so long as you look in the right place, you can have true inner confidence. You can get hypnosis confidence downloads and as you use them you will find that your confidence grows and grows. You will have found your key to inner confidence so that others perceive your ease and comfort within yourself in the blink of an eye.

I made the claim before that hypnosis downloads cannot not work. Why am I so “bullish” in my statement? How do we learn anything? Through seeing, hearing, copying and repetition. As a child you learned almost everything in this simple way. You also learned your basic feelings about yourself and as you grew older you saw and heard and learned things within the parameters of these beliefs. With hypnosis, you throw off the constriction of these beliefs and your subconscious mind is open to suggestion once more. As you listen to powerful hypnosis confidence downloads you hear, again and again, that you are truly confident in every way. You can listen to these hypnosis downloads again and again and again and the combination of access to your subconscious mind and repetition cannot not work.

So there you have it, get hypnosis downloads and get hypnosis confidence and convey to everyone your inner comfort and ease, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for hypnosis confidence.