Want To Offer Customer Financing Programs? 3 Things You Need To Consider A Vendor Equipment Program

We’re all for an ‘ edge ‘ in Canadian business, that’s why we’re quite sure that clients that offer customer financing programs via vendor leasing to their customers are probably doing better .. than you! Let’s examine why, and how you too can get the sales edge via a vendor finance program. Oh and by the way, total cost = zero! That’s our kind of pricing!

If you speak to sales people they are the first ones to tell you that the sales cycle on many products can be a long one. But what if your firm could offer a tool that allows your potential customers to acquire your products and services in a way that removes a very large obstacle: you’re pricing! And doesn’t it go without saying that if you could in fact shorten that lead time in the sales cycle you would be closing in on the competition a lot more? We thing so, and lets examine 3 basic areas that you need to consider to set up a customer financing program.

So, consideration # 1. Have you got what it takes? If you firm are medium size to larger then you actually might want to give consideration to setting up an internal vendor finance division. Naturally that takes management expertise, as well an implied investment in operations and infrastructure. Have we forgotten anything? Oh yes, capital! As we said you can set up and offer a customer financing program for a lot of cost, or no cost. The reality is that this type of offering needs to be thought out in terms of what your customers are looking for. Things like the overall credit quality of your customer base are important.

Consideration # 2- If you choose not to develop of invest in a major program such as this what in fact are your options. I guess if we had to be totally honest (that’s our preference by the way) we can safely say that you retain most control if you set up and fund your own program. However, that just isn’t possible for thousands of firms who want to offer vendor leasing and finance, but don’t have the resources. By working with a select partner or Canadian business finance and lease advisor you can very easily ‘ outsource ‘ the program, all the while developing it for your own needs. You benefit from professional input, marketing assistance, and, oh yes, all the capital you need without any cost to your firm.

Consideration # 3 – You need to determine at the outset what you want to achieve from the program. Some key points to consider are simply how you will achieve the maximum benefits of the program from a short sales cycle, customer satisfaction, and positive cash flow. That positive cash flow is of course your benefit, as in all vendor financing your firm is paid 100% up front as soon as the customer signs off on your product as received, installed, accepted, etc.

So whats our bottom line. It’s pretty simple today, yet quite powerful. If you choose to offer customer financing there are significant benefits to be achieved. Examine the reasons you want to offer vendor leasing and finance, and then speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how you can achieve these benefits to enhance your sales and cash flow. It’s as simple as a phone call away.