Want To Know How To Buy A Car From Classified Used Cars Ads?

Many individuals find the car they want in classified used cars ads. You can, many times, negotiate with the owners and get very reasonable price. Typical the owners clean up the cars and make any repairs that will make the cars more saleable.

Some car owners just want to get rid of their car or truck. They will label their car, “for sale as is.” What that means is that if there are any problems or repairs that need to be taken care of, the owner is not responsible for making them. The person buying the car must accept the car regardless of it condition.

When you buy a car through classified ads from a private party, you will not have a warranty. Most cars sold by private individuals can’t afford to give a warranty, and you are expected to assume all the risks associated with buying that car.

However, there are some ads that are placed in the classifieds by used car dealer. These cars will typically have a 1 – 3 month warranty. This makes the buyers feel safe about that used auto.

Before you scan the classified used cars ads, you need to make a list of the type of car you want to purchase. The more details you can list about what you want to buy, the quicker you will be able to locate that vehicle in the classified.

Some owners have customized their cars before selling them to dealers or before posting them for sale in classifieds. These added features will increase the price car. If you like these features, you may get a bargain, but if you don’t then you may decide not to buy the car.

Since most car classified listings have limited description space, owner can use abbreviations to describe their car. The common abbreviations are WGN for station wagon, HB for hatchback, P/U for pickup truck, and XTRA CAB for two small seats or extra room behind the front seats.

To describe the conditions of the car, most car advertisers use abbreviations such as EX COND to mean excellent condition, G COND to mean good condition, CLN to mean clean or in good shape.

The Classified used cars ads also use A/C to refer to air conditioning system, S/R to men sunroof, MNRF to mean moon roof, LTHR to mean leather interior.

Many buyers are particular with the transmission of the used car. Car owners use STD or stick shift for standard transmission and use A/T for automatic transmission.

The best classified ads to look for are in the regional daily newspaper, if you want fairly used cars. If you want to check the used car classifieds, your selections are wide and varied. Most of the dealers who posted on used car classifieds section of the newspapers have a website for further viewing and specifications of the car being advertised.

From the hundreds of car ads on Classified used cars ads, narrow down your choices to the top 10. Divide these 10 into two groups. Contact the owners from the first list of five list of five, to set up an appointment. Take a mechanic friend to help you check out the car, or set up with an auto shop to inspect the car for you.

While doing your inspection, you should request to have a look at the car’s maintenance records. Some car owners do not keep good maintenance records, so you have to decide if this is acceptable to you. Even though a car appears in good condition and has a good feel when you drive it, always do a good inside and outside inspection.

Inspect the car underneath and all over for collision repair. Look for difference in paint color, lines that are not straight, or rust in various places. Check to make sure there are no fluid leaks. Move the car to another location and let it sit there for 5 minutes or so then check for leaks.

If you have found a car you like, then make an offer. Never offer the asking price. Start with the sentence, “What’s the lowest price you will take for the car. I notice that is has this problem and that problem?” Then follow up with the statement, “I have cash I can give you right now.”