Want To Be More Confident?

How would you like to feel a little more sure of yourself, or comfortable to speak in front of a crowd, or confident enough to speak up for yourself and disagree if you want to? A lack of confidence has the ability to affect one in so very many different ways.

Most people worry about a lock of confidence in relation to wanting to do the “big things” in life, but it is really important to feel confident about the little things in life as well. In fact, it is in many, many small ways that an increased self-confidence can make your life so very much better. All of those little instances add up to create an incredibly huge impact upon your life.

For example, if you lack driving confidence, your life is impacted in many different ways. But once you gain driving confidence you can go wherever you want to whenever you want to. This makes a huge impact upon every day of your life.

If, for a further example, you were afraid of blushing, you might either avoid a whole host of situations or feel amazingly uncomfortable in them. That makes life really, really uncomfortable. But if you were to stop blushing and feel confident instead, you could do many more things and feel comfortable whilst doing them.

I could ramble on and on providing these types of examples, illuminating the fact that it is confidence relating to the little things in life that has the most impact. So why do people seek assistance with confidence when they want to make a speech, or shine in a job interview, or such like, more readily than they do in relation to more everyday things?

Perhaps the reason for this is that if someone is planning to make a speech, for instance, they already have a reasonable level of confidence in other things and realize that confidence can be learned and improved upon. It’s almost as if they have sufficient confidence to go out and get more confidence; confidence breeds confidence.

In contrast, someone who is severely lacking in confidence might perhaps be too shy to seek help or have so little self-belief that they do not think that they can be helped. But in this assumption I would have to say that they are not correct. Everyone can learn to build confidence and to feel more comfortable in their own skin, so long as they know how to go about this task.

The most important thing to acquire so as to enable you to enjoy life and be happy is confidence. Possessions will not provide you with happiness and contentment. A change in your outer image may help, but it will not provide you with real self-confidence and happiness. As someone said to me the other day, she got hair extensions so as to make herself feel better, but now she wants laser surgery on her eyes; she had the insight to observe that even this wouldn’t satisfy herself either – there would always be something else to crave in the vain hope that it would make her happy.

Diets, hair extensions or funky clothes do not make you happy; being confident does.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis confidence mp3s to make you happy.

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