Want To Be A Mystery Shopper

You Want to be a Mystery Shopper

Before you apply for a job as a mystery shopper, you would be well advised to check out all the scams involving mystery shoppers. On the internet alone 90% of mystery shopper jobs are scams and therefore this makes it a positive mine field to find a job that is honest, pays on time and In the manner described.

What can a mystery shopper job give you

It can offer good prospects, a fun job, and a great working environment, part time work that is flexible and works around the kids. Giving greater freedom to earn a good part time wage, and still be able to be there for your children.
Most mystery shoppers only have to work a couple of hours and to do this they visit set stores, buy set products assess customer services, go home write a short report and send it in to get paid.

What You Get With Most Companies

That is if you have chosen the 1% of legitimate companies to work for, the other 99% are quite simply scammers, and all they really want from you is your money to join their web service in the hope of them supplying you with companies that are hiring mystery shoppers.
Most not all advertisers are simply scammers, they give you outdated lists of companies that either no longer trade or of other sites where you have to pay even more money to join and so the payout continues.

Are you going to get paid to eat and shop

In fact one of the biggest draws to this kind of advert is the thought that you can shop, or go to restaurants and even stay at hotels for nothing and get paid for doing it. In this case I am sorry to say it is just never going to happen that way. You might get a few freebies from some stores, most of the companies will not even give refunds to you, after all they set up their business with the intent of taking your money, not to give you theirs, a lot of time their web sites are hard to understand and get round, perhaps having pages that do not load properly, or links that simply do not work. And having no customer support you find that there is no way to sort the mess out so decide to continue your quest to find the next really good site that you are sure is a good one. And more good money follows the previous bad.

Can I find a Legitimate Shopper Job

Yes you can is the simple answer, but try to safe guard yourself, make sure they offer a money back guarantee, make sure they have customer care that works. And that their web site is easy to navigate and all works well.

Job Satisfaction

Once you have found a genuine company the work is fun, pays well and you can work as little or as much as you want to. For a couple of hours a day you can gain a nice income and if you want do three or four jobs a day and earn a full time wage. The choice is your, and the opportunity is there if you avoid the scam trap.

Source: https://positivearticles.com