Want A New Prospect? Try a Tiling Course

The tiling institute have recently released information that there is an enormous shortage of 14,500 tilers in the U.K alone, so its not that hard to work out why tiling has become one of the countries fastest growing industries If you want a new career, you want something hands on and practical where you can express yourself, or even if you need to brush up on some skills and techniques, try one of the range of tiling courses available for beginners and people who have been in the trade for years.

Being a tiler ensures your never sort of work, as the market keeps changing so will your potential customers bathrooms, kitchens, shops, restaurants, etc. tiling is something that is extremely popular with most people. A competent tiler can earn up to £40,000 a year.

There are many tiling courses available all over the U.K for you to join. The courses that are available include

  • setting out your tiling work
  • giving an explanation about all the different adhesives used for different surfaces
  • demonstrate with all the required tools
  • cutting tiles, using wet and dry tile cutters, tile scribes, tile snips and tile saws
  • explaining tiling such as borders, diamonds and patterns
  • how to cut around windows and reveals
  • how to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls
  • how to tile around pipes, angled ceilings and socket areas
  • how to tile surfaces
  • how to tile splash backs
  • how to tile around boxed in pipes

With the courses, you will be expected to work in an area with a complete bathroom suite so you will be able to learn how to remove and replace sanitary ware also how to polish and rout with silicone sealants.

There are many tiling courses available all over the country if you are interested in starting one you can find information on the tiling courses available in your area by searching on the internet, it’s a fast and effective way of finding what you want. By learning the expertise from the extremely qualified tutors, they are able to offer you professional tiling courses in wall and floor tiling, which are tailored to suit both male and female students, regardless of age and experience and by adopting a ‘hands on’ approach, as a student you will be able to put your newly gained skills into action in the tiling courses place centre’s full size bathroom bays.

Tiling courses are the best thing to do if you are wanting a new hobby, career or even if you feel rusty with the knowledge you have and want to refresh yourself with new techniques they are defiantly worth considering. As the courses only last 4 weeks at the most they are a short introduction into a whole new world, filled with tiles, silicone sealants and a very decent income.