Walking my Dog

Personal Story About Dog Walking

There is a neighborhood near my house where just about every household has at least one dog. Many households even have two and three dogs. As a result, not only is the neighborhood very noisy, but it is also very dog friendly.

My neighborhood is filled with older people. The only dogs that ever seem to come into and out of the houses around here are lap dogs and dogs that are just barely old enough to jump up and down the front steps. My dog, I can tell, is rather lonely.

A few months ago, I was walking through this neighborhood that has so many dogs in it and thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could introduce my dog to some of these dogs?” I turned a corner and right before me was this brand new dog park roped off in the middle of a popular park.

On the inside of the fence surrounding this dog park, there were about a dozen dogs running free from their leashes with one another. They were jumping and dancing and having a great time.

I took my dog to the gate and he just couldn’t contain his excitement. As soon I I let him run free inside the gate, he ran straight for the center of attention. I huddled around the fence with the other doggy moms as we watched our pups play.

After about a week of going to the dog park, I began to make friends with the other dog owners who took their dogs there regularly. We started making plans to go out for coffee once or twice a week to a shop nearby where we could sit outside with our dogs.

Now, several months later, we all gather together in the park to take our dogs for walks with us to the local coffee shop. We take outings with the dogs, like to the river, and spend time with other dogs in the park. Dog walking in my neighborhood has truly helped me form a network of close friends that I feel comfortable spending a solid 1-2 hours with several times a week.

When I go dog walking without the other dogs, I can tell my dog wonders where they are and looks for them. As soon as I take him off the leash, he runs as fast as he can to the doggy park! We feel so lucky to be in such a dog-friendly neighborhood where there are so many like-minded families.

Source: https://positivearticles.com