Wakeboarding Extreme Sports Style

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport in which a rider stands atop a wakeboard, similar to a snowboard, and is pulled across the water by a boat or cable winch. The speed of the boat usually varies between eighteen and twenty four miles per hour. Similar to skiing, the wakeboard is a single platform in which the rider uses the edges to maneuver back and forth across of the wake of the boat. Wakeboarding has found itself a home in the world of extreme sports because of the speed of the sport and the number of tricks that can be performed when the rider launches across the wake.

The wakeboard itself is very light and usually is made of foam mixed with resin. The outside of the wakeboard is coated in fiberglass. Extreme sports enthusiasts like the lightness of the wakeboard because it can be used to perform aerials and other tricks that heavier boards would make cumbersome. The board comes with metal peg hole in which fins and bindings can be attached. The wholes run from the tip of the board to the back of the board so that the bindings can be adjusted for the individual rider or fins can be attached so that the rider can get more stability or cut during their ride.

The wakeboard is rode skateboard style with one foot behind the other. The fins and binding can be adjusted so that the footing on the board is congruent to what the rider wants to do. Extreme sports wakeboard riders will adjust the fins and the fin size to fit the maneuver they are trying to attempt. The size of the fin will allow the rider more control and if the fin is small, the edge of the board is used to steer. By bending the body toward either side of the board, the board will rise from the water and give the rider a sharper cut when the rope is tight.

The size of the wakeboard is judged by what kind of tricks you want to do on the board. A long board will give the rider more control and will allow them to have a smoother ride. Though slower, the long board allows the rider to take there time and when they jump the wake, the do so with a more solid landing. A shorter board will allow more speed and agility, especially if the boarder wants to do maneuvers that spin the board in an aggressive manner. Most extreme sports riders will use a smaller board because of this accommodation.

The sport of wakeboarding can be attempted at about any lake that has a smooth surface and deep enough for the boat. There are wakeboard parks where you can be pulled by a winch and cable system. The only drawback to this system is if you let go of the rope for any reason, it takes time to get the rope back to you. As with most extreme sports, wakeboarding is become more and more popular. Extreme sports channels even list it as part of the extreme sports favorites.

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