Wacky Furniture Designs That Wow A Crowd

Most people keep immaculate, sophisticated furnishings in public areas of their home, wanting guests to see what impeccable taste they have. However, have you ever thought about earning respect and awe from visitors with something entirely different? Perhaps you should think about breaking away from the norm and really surprising your visitors with something completely different.

If you really want to make an impression, you should think about using unusual color and design elements. For example, rather than building a normal living room set with standard DVD and CD racks, media racks, and a couch and arm chair, look for funky design pieces. Start with your DVD rack – rather than a simple black shelf, shop in a specialty store and find some asymmetric design in a bright color like hot pink or electric blue. Build your own media rack without right angles or with mismatched woodwork.

Don’t furnish the room with couches. Instead, opt for something out of the ordinary. Shock your guests with a set of lawn furniture for living room furnishings. Make sure the pieces are nice and comfortable, but opt for bright furniture or mismatched chairs. You can even take a patio table and cut it down so that it sits at the height of a coffee table.

Another choice is to create a “home theater” with all sorts of abnormal furniture options. Rather than spending a lot of money on stately, ornate furnishings, try buying a few of the new “love sacks”, stuffed leather or plush bags with room for two that come in all sorts of colors and patterns. This can make for a bright, exciting, and relaxed environment for entertainment. These can be grouped around the television – perhaps a large screen, flat panel television could be your one standard bragging right – to watch a movie in surround sound. Individual tray tables can act as drink and appetizer holders rather than a centralized coffee table.

For wall décor, you have several options. One interesting idea is to use black light paint for a psychedelic effect. When the lights go out for a movie or for dancing with friends, you can turn on the black light and reveal splatter designs or funky paintings that are invisible during the day. You might also use black light posters that will glow in the dark. Paste glow in the dark stars on the ceiling as if it were your own personal room that you never got to decorate as a child.

Instead of sophisticated black and white images framed on your walls, pick out cartoon characters you like and blow up images for bright wall hangings, and use frames in bright colors rather than simple silver or wood frames.

Obviously, there are several ways to break away from the expectations of society and make beautiful, interesting rooms that can wow guests, despite funky, modern taste. When you see the amazement on your friends’ faces at your creativity of design, it will make it well worth the effort to be different.