VOIP vs Every Day Phone Service – Free Trial VOIP Solutions

For quite some time ever since its creation, the world wide web was no more than a virtual network for people to chat, communicate and meet each other all as through computer exchanged data. Besides bringing everyone together through message boards, emails and chat rooms, the internet just didn’t offer a clear solution to connect users verbally. This entire situation changed ever since the VoIP technology was introduced and gave users a wa to communicate not only through text but verbally as well.

In earlier days, the internet was known to bring excellent offers from companies who started to explore their possibilities by extending their business to virtual locations on web servers. As time went by, the Internet would be used more and more not only to acquire products but to exchange information, this is why when many hear the word “internet” they are immediately reminded of “message boards”. That is actually how the internet started to gain ground and popularity. People liked the way this emerging a new technology let them connect with they didn’t know, with friends, family, etc.

Most web users at some point or another thought “Email and chat rooms are OK but it doesn’t beat verbal communication”. This fact remained true for quite some time until software developers created software applications which allowed users to communicate verbally with each other through the web just like if they were sending data blocks. In fact, text, voice and video can be converted into computer data and sent over telephone lines. This is how most people think of VOIP, and that’s in-fact very close to the way VOIP enabled devices work.

The only problem at the time was that such software programs were unable to place actual phone calls but rather all communication was conducted through a PC to PC interface which is still used today by may applications. Phone companies became aware of the possibility clients would turn their backs on their service and started offering Voice Over IP communications as an alternative choice.

Other companies emerged such as Vonage, Packet8, VOIP, BBtelsys, Cordia, etc. These companies used this technology to more choices to clients. Many people have decided to use their Voice over IP solutions because their cost is a lot lower compared to regular phone services, which sounds good but since it is a new concept many people are not sure if this kind of technology is for them.

That’s why finding VOIP companies which offer free trials is very useful. Some of them provide the service for free, as a second line which can be tested side by sides against the user’s existing phone service and after thirty days the user can decide which way he/she wants to go. As you can see this is very convenient because if the service turns out to be not what you expected, you can just cancel and owe nothing.

VOIP is also used by businesses because it decreases their communication expenses by more than half. But aside from being a financially smart decision, voice over IP solutions have all the features we use every day such as: caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, call forwarding, redial, call transfer and logs, message waiting, hold and speed dial. So as you see it is not that different from our current service which makes voice over IP very easy to use.