Voice Over Talent – Why You Should Hire Out

When you own a small or medium-sized business, it is a good idea to look for ways to cut costs. That is great advice if it makes you avoid buying something more expensive when something less expensive will do, or if you avoid buying things you don’t need. However, some business people try to cut corners a little too far, and end up without services they actually need. One area in which business owners make this mistake is in do-it-yourself commercials. Unless you are a voice-over professional yourself, it is a mistake to try and voice your own commercials, because doing so can actually drive away potential customers.

The most common reason that customers are driven away from businesses whose owners make do-it-yourself commercials is that the commercials themselves annoy them. It may not be a pleasant truth to bear, but not every person is cut out for the microphone. If you have an unprofessional voice, customers will not want to listen to your commercial. If you are not a professional, you may be sending messages that you don’t want to send. You may sound nervous without intending to and will, in turn, make your listeners tense. If your message makes them tense, then listeners will not want to purchase your product or service.

If it is obvious that you don’t have a professional voice talent, listeners will think at least one of two things – that you are a penny-pincher or that you are not successful enough to afford to make a professional advertisement. People who think you are cheap when it comes to your advertising may also think the same thing when it comes to the product or service you are attempting to sell, and will not have trust in you. It is also unwise to let the public know you can’t afford things, even if it is true. People want to do business with successful people. Therefore, you must always act as though you are successful. Spending money on the right things will help you do that.

Though the final reason for not acting in your own commercials won’t necessarily have an effect on potential customers, it is a valid point: Wasting your time performing a task best left to people who know what they are doing is a poor use of one of your most valuable resources – you. As the manager of a business venture or department, your time is best spent doing what you do best, and that is running things. Your job as manager is to delegate jobs and responsibility. If you do decide to do some things yourself, do those things you can do well.

Your commercial is like a job interview. It’s your opportunity to make a first impression on potential customers who don’t know your business and to remind others you are still out there and still doing an outstanding job. Just as you would never go into a job interview as anything less than a professional, you should never allow your advertising to be anything less than totally professional. Hiring professionals and delegating tasks, where it is the appropriate thing to do, instead of wearing out yourself trying to do everything, is the mark of a good businessman. Don’t let the desire to save a buck make you the joke of the town.