Vitamins C as the key ingredient for Healthy life

Vitamins are required by the body in tiny amounts (hundredths of a gram in many cases) as the key ingredient for Healthy life. We get vitamins from three sources viz. Foods, Beverages and Our own bodies – vitamin K comes from bacteria within our intestines and vitamin D is produced with the help of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Some important key benefites of Vitamin C in our body are as follows:

Vitamin C is also important because it helps protect the fat-soluble vitamin A and vitamin E as well as fatty acids from oxidation. Vitamin C prevents and cures the disease scurvy, and can be beneficial in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.
Vitamin C may help prevent lead poisoning, and some scientists believe it can be used in the treatment of cancer.
In addition to preventing Scurvy, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the length of colds and to alleviate their severity.
Most forms of cardiovascular disease, joint disease, cancer, eye disease, thyroid disease, liver disease, and lung disease require special emphasis on vitamin C intake.
Ingesting a healthy level of vitamin C has been shown to have an impact on the presence of cholesterol in the body. This means that vitamin C can help prevent gall bladder disease and some heart problems.
Vitamin C is most commonly known for aiding in the function of the immune system. Maintaining healthy vitamin C levels during the cold season can keep you healthier during the time when the immune system may be weaker.
Decreased vitamin C levels in the lens of the eye have been associated with increased severity of cataracts in humans.