Vitamins and Healthy Weight Loss Supplements

Losing weight through diet and exercise is a challenge. It’s too easy to lose your motivation when the weight is coming off slowly. Many people look for healthy weight loss supplements to boost their fat-burning without doing research and knowing which weight loss supplements that won’t adversely affect their health. No supplement can work miracles, but nutrition and weight-loss researchers say that some supplements can give you a small advantage in the battle to be slim (helping you lose about 2 to 3 pounds a month). Here are the facts on five of the most promising supplements.)

These supplements work best if you also exercise, eat less, and deal with any emotional reasons for your extra weight, our experts say. You can combine them, but seek a health care practitioner’s advice before taking green tea and ephedra supplements together, as they are both high in caffeine.

There are so many weight-loss products on the market today that you could probably spend a year or two just wading through all of them.

Since the weight-loss market is such a lucrative one, you almost have everyone and his dog putting out some kind of supplement that promises you will have wonderful results that sometimes even defy common sense.

The two main categories of weight-loss supplements that you get on the market today are those supplements that are chemical-based and those that are herbal-based.

It probably goes without saying that the herbal-based supplements would be better for your body in general then chemical-based supplements.

This is not to say that chemical-based supplements are necessarily bad for your body, it is just to say that herbal-based supplements are manufactured from natural substances. These substances are generally more in natural harmony with your body.

There is generally this main differentiator between chemical-based and herbal-based products. Chemical-based products generally provide faster results that are not necessarily long-lasting. On the other hand, the herbal-based products tend to work slower but also at the same time provide more longer-lasting results.

he popular herbal dietary supplements available in the market include Arginine, DHEA, HMB, Fiber, 7-KETO, and Chitosan. Further, it is advisable to use weight loss herbs such as Spirulina, Green Tea, and Garcinia Cambogia as ‘supplements’ to these herbal dietary supplements for it will enhance the results further.

And we end with a piece of advice – As there is not strict law in US to check the quality of herbal weight loss supplements, it is the duty of the customer to see that the product he/she buys is indeed the original one and not anything spurious. Else it is not weight alone that is going to get affected, but one’s overall health as well. Hence make doubly sure that you are paying for the right dietary supplement. Good Luck!

Non Prescription Pills – Weight Loss Supplements

Non-prescription weight loss pills can be purchased over-the-counter and are subject to only minimal FDA regulation. Non prescription pills are also referred to as weight loss supplements. Examples include pills from Herbalife™ and Metab