Visual Learners On Memorization

Memorization techniques, tips and advices can be found everywhere. Probably there are just so many things you’ve already read off from books, magazines and of course the Internet but then there is always some methods that apply better for you which may not work for others.

Whichever the case, your imagination plays a big part in getting your memorization tasks done for you. Visual learners benefit greatly from using memorization techniques that pertains to imagination and creativity. Since visual learners can manage to create and rely on a mental image that they retain in the brain, it is strongly encouraged for them to stick to this side of their imagination.

It’s even better for visual learners to create a wild or silly scenario or a movie. It doesn’t have to be perfect, even silly or hilarious ideas are accepted for this kind of purpose. The purpose for one to memorize effectively has got something to do with the approach he uses; so even if it’s just a series of spontaneous mental images, as long as it stirs the imagination amusingly, it’s fine. When you already have a sequence of mental images, then you can start playing it back and forth in your mind until you familiarize yourself with its details and sequence.

If visual learners can create a short movie, so they can also make use of stories. These are still mental stories that can be created from words you’re not familiar with. This is also applicable for memorizing words; an example would be words in a list or even words from a poem.

For these types of instances, a mnemonic approach called the journey system would be applicable. Let’s say you have several items needed in a list, let’s use several items you have in your own room since it’s the place in your heart closest to you (assuming it is).

Pretend the items below are the things you need:
Glass jars, thread, comb, paintbrushes, and a masscara

Upon getting up in the morning, you look at your bedroom window and a number of glass jars hangs as curtains and then you try to fix your blanket which is made of thread. Next, you face your bathroom mirror and chooses from a hundred selection of comb displayed on the wall. As you wash your face, you turn the handle of your faucet which is made of paintbrush. Lastly, just before you go out of your room, you pick up your brush your teeth with toothbrush that looks just like a masscara.