Visiting Psychic Central in Florida

Not too far from the hustle and bustle of the Orlando tourist area, visitors to Florida will find a little town that time appears to have forgotten. It’s called “Psychic Central” by some. Those who live there, simply call it Cassadaga.

The little town of Cassadaga began as the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association in the late 1890s by trance medium George Colby. Colby, who was originally from Pike, N.Y., was reportedly brought to the site of Cassadaga by his spirit guide, Seneca.

The location of Colby’s camp has since become a mecca for psychics, mediums and even card readers. The location, it’s reported, was chosen for its level of psychic energy. The name means “rocks beneath the water” in Seneca.

It is believed the energy in Cassadaga enables psychics to read clients with more clarity. The energy, it is said, comes from the earth itself, giving Cassadaga the status of being a major “hot spot.” It is also known as the Psychic Center of the World.

Whether visitors are skeptical or not, Cassadaga is a truly unique place where like-minded people have planted roots in a community that’s small and close-knit. Open to tourists, the town has a number of small attractions and its metaphysical shops are incredible.

Visitors to Cassadaga will find a town that appears as if time has forgotten it. The standard home here is old-style bungalows and lots of wind chimes. The atmosphere here is unlike any other place in the state. The sights and sounds give the entire community the “feeling” of a psychic camp, too. Peaceful and serene are what visitors tend to say of the atmosphere.

In Cassadaga, Florida vacationers will also find a historic hotel, private reading locations and the Universal Centre of Cassadaga. The center provides an organization for “sensitives” to “explore the various truths that all of us encounter.” It also has a store open to the public that carries a great deal of metaphysical supplies and reading materials. The hotel is worth a stay and its homemade ice cream is to die for.

Those who choose not to stay in Cassadaga proper will find the town is within driving distance of Orlando and other larger cities. It’s an ideal stop for a few hours or a night or two though.

A bit different from the typical Florida vacation destination, Cassadaga is a town worth visiting any time of the year. Its people are friendly and the atmosphere is truly one-of-a-kind.