Visiting Florida Wineries

Those traveling to Florida on vacation are generally expecting to have the time of their lives in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hitting the beaches for some sun, fun and tanning action or a trek to the amusement parks that draws them, the last thing many Florida vacation goers expect is to find wine country.

But, wine country they will in fact find. The state is home to a number of different small, independently owned wineries. With their own vineyards on site, these little operations are starting to give the state a name beyond its fabled oranges.

With more than a dozen wineries operating within the state right now, visitors to any part of Florida will find themselves in “wine country.” Most wineries within the state not only create their own special vintages, they also offer tours of their vineyards and a peek at the wine making process.

Although not as established as other states’ wine in the wine making industry, Florida does have its own grape growers association. The association itself was formed in 1923 and it’s partially responsible for helping to create a special grape meant to withstand the unusual growing temperatures and seasons the state dishes out. As a result of its work, the wineries that are on the scene today now thrive as they slowly bring Florida recognition for its excellent and very unique wines. Some of the state’s wineries date back many years while others continue to come online all the time.

Wineries within the state can be found mostly in the Central and Northern regions. There are, however, a few further south. The big southern Florida winery is Schnebly Redland’s Winery. Located in Redland, Fla., this winery boasts being the southernmost winery in the United States. Here visitors will find five varieties of wines with wine tastings available daily and tours on Saturday and Sundays. The winery hosts six festivals a year to help expose visitors to the wine expertise Florida is fast creating.

It might not be readily apparent to most travelers, but visitors to Florida with a penchant for grapes will find the Sunshine State is also home to its own brand of wine country. With vineyards in almost every corner of the state, anyone touring is sure to find an opportunity to visit a vineyard and see how grapes become wine while sampling some of the best vintages the state has to offer. There’s more to Florida than meets the eye.