Visit Edinburgh and Tend the Yearly Festivals

The UK is full of interesting and historical cities, a favourite city destination in the UK is Edinburgh which is popular both with domestic and international travellers. The city’s blend of traditions and times past, restaurants and shopping venues are competition to any cosmopolitan European city and the perfect destination for a weekend break or a few days away with friends and family.

Voted in 2008 as one of the top 10 cities in the world by ‘Wanderlust’, Edinburgh has also received high recommendation from the Trip Advisor Destination Awards. Tourists arrive here in their droves every day to view the outstanding medieval buildings, quaint cobblestoned streets and chic Georgian town houses. Its streets are full of stories from the past, Scottish people are proud of their unique culture and exciting festivals make the city famous throughout the world. Search for online accommodation for your convenience and ease

In the centre of the city, The medieval Old Town and Georgian New Town area has been glorified with the title of ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ and is easy enough to walk around. Be in awe of its charming terraces, stroll through the cobbled streets, admire the castle for its impressive city views and discover the wealth of restaurants bars stores.

Edinburgh attracts all kinds of travellers and there are sights and places of interest that appeal to everyone whatever their age or nationality. If you are in the city with friends, family or as a group here are a variety of leisure activities to satisfy all. Edinburgh Castle towers over the city centre and is the perfect backdrop to a romantic weekend, whilst a trip down the River Forth will take you away from the crowds, the volcanic Arthur’s Seat is worth a trip and the Pentland Hills are a hike away from the crowds.

Summer in the city is an exciting and stimulating experience; make sure you book a hotel well ahead of time as the city’s population swells in numbers as people arrive from all over to sample some of the most unique festivals the UK has to offer. There are plenty of cheap hotels available in the city centre and cheap accommodation online is easy to find.

The Edinburgh International Festival has a succession of exciting events lined up daily featuring performers and artists involved in the arts. With six main theatres and concert halls, as well as a number of minor venues, you are never short of the opportunity to see international classical music, theatre, opera and dance events.

The Mardi Gras carnival creates the perfect party atmosphere as it sets off the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival with jazz music, masked and costumed party-goers and around the clock music and dance. Expect to see Jazz, Gospel, poetry and Scottish musicians alongside international players in a mix of jazz and originality.

The 2009 Edinburgh Military Tattoo is about to celebrate its 60th season with a celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns. The live evening performances are televised around the world as they take place on the castle esplanade; performers from over 40 countries appear here once it has been officially opened by countless marching bands streaming across the drawbridge, encircled by images of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

The leading festival of the ‘Edinburgh Festivals’ is The Fringe featuring theatre, humour, music, dance and displays. Affectionately known as The Fringe it features some of the biggest names in showbiz and street performers and embraces every kind of art form including theatre, comedy, children’s shows, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, music and exhibitions. Search for cheap hotels online to guarantee your accommodation before you go.

Britain has plenty of interesting cities to discover and Edinburgh is a good place to start. For cheap accommodation in Edinburgh and Blackpool accommodation look online where you will find a range of hotels, B&B’s, country cottages for rent and guest houses.